5 social networks where to be present

In today’s digital world, over two-thirds of B2B clients make their purchasing decisions based on internet research. As a result of social media, potential consumers and clients who may not have heard of you or what your firm is all about becomes more aware of your existence. Social media analytics allows you to quickly and affordably reach a larger audience.The company San Saru knows the importance of being present in all social networks and providing specific content for each social network:

1. Instagram

Using images or videos of your product in action is a strong method to illustrate your company’s narrative.You want to make it easy for potential customers to envision themselves employing your products. In the same way, you may demonstrate the steps your business takes to deliver the services clients pay for.Do not go overboard while showcasing your goods in action.


Based on which social media network you’re on, video is handled differently. In contrast, Instagram only permits three videos of 60 seconds or less.You need to get people’s attention, maintain their attention, and find a method to get them to interact.In the first three seconds of your video, you should have a scroll stopper, and in the following seconds, you should have video cuts, subtitles, and fascinating information that your average follower would like.An Instagram caption can trigger a response engagement by asking for involvement or by presenting viewers with content that encourages participation.


Instagram Carousels should be used by everyone, especially companies, to boost interaction. The Instagram algorithm favours those who post a wide variety of content kinds. In the absence of Instagram Carousels, you’re skipping out on a valuable marketing tool.Carousels that include both photos and video have the greatest interaction rates of any post type here on the app, so don’t neglect to include them. Do something you care about and describe how your firm is helping to make it happen for the betterment of the world around you.


If you want to learn more about someone you’ve just met or are going to meet, LinkedIn is the best way to do it without replacing in-person conversations with that person.A wonderful method to follow up on a face-to-face encounter is to extend an invitation for individuals to connect online.• Keep your LinkedIn profile from seeming to be a resume. It’s 11 times more probable that someone will look at your LinkedIn page if you have a professional headshot.• Write a brief description of how you support clients. Share your goals and aspirations for your job or business. By including videos and presentations in your profile, you’ll increase your visibility on LinkedIn and give your narrative a more dynamic presentation.• To spread your long-form content, use LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform. Everyone can see and share the material you upload on LinkedIn, including people who aren’t connected to your network. Create and distribute original content.

3. Facebook

In addition to the fact that customers appreciate doing business with you, it’s also interesting for them to observe how you run your company. On Facebook, users may learn more about the day-to-day activities that produce the products or services they like by seeing behind-the-scenes footage.• Publicize news and content about the industryBecause followers are interested in whatever you have to say, it’s reasonable to infer that your Facebook fans are interested in industry-related news, so attempt sharing it there. • Share User-generated contentUser-generated content (UGC) is content provided by individuals who have used your products and services. It’s a brilliant approach to building customer trust and loyalty on Facebook.• VideosAccording to research, the average Facebook engagement rate is 18.1 per cent. As Facebook video postings have an average user engagement rate of 0.26 per cent, utilize this information to your advantage by publishing videos on the site that illustrate your firm’s expertise.

4. Twitter

Use hashtagsWhen it comes to organizing community dialogues, Twitter employs hashtags in the same way that Facebook does. To gain exposure and interact with a wider audience, including industry-specific hashtags in your tweets and other social media posts.• Announcements of new products and servicesAny interesting news, future product launches or huge endorsements to tell us about? You should share this information with your followers.• Flash sales or coupon codesTwitter is a fantastic place to post promotional coupons and offers, especially if they’re only available to your followers.

5. Tiktok

You need to be visible on the web to build your business, and TikTok is the place to be with its 1 billion active users. If you’re ready to put in the effort, TikTok has the opportunity to be a highly effective marketing tool. For small company owners, an excellent first TikTok video is to present oneself. With a human touch, your firm will connect with more of your customers.• Get to Know Your Co-workers: As a small company owner, it’s a good idea for your consumers to get to know you and the people that assist keep you afloat.If it’s possible for each member of your staff to record an introductory video, go for it!• Packing Requests TikTok has a lot of videos on how to wrap orders for small businesses. Your consumers will enjoy watching how your firm packs orders, and they’ll appreciate seeing what occurs before they receive their purchase.• Take your customers on a tour of your office! Seeing where your items are made will be a big hit with your customers. Your consumers will be able to relate to you even more if you show them around your workstation.

6. Pinterest

CouponsPinterest is a hotbed for coupons. Marketing success has traditionally relied on the use of the phrases free, discount, and deal.Deals marketed on Pinterest promote your goods, regardless of whether you employ in-store discounts, online coupons, or group coupons. Consumers enjoy the idea of snagging a bargain. Your product sales will soar as a result of the visual aspect of this social media platform.• Rich pinsProduct availability is updated on a rich pin’s rich pins feature. In addition, it makes the pins easier to use on a phone or other mobile device.• ContestsA great way to engage with your customers and produce a ton of repins, shares and likes is to host a contest on Pinterest. Contests are a fun method to get people excited about your items while also establishing favourable associations with your brand.


To attract a loyal following and potential customers, you must develop engaging content.Whatever platforms your organization choose to use, it must have a clear editorial policy for the information that is shared. You’ll also have to put in a lot of time and effort if you’re just getting started to establish a following. It’s time to have the word out about what you’re all about!s

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