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What Form of Vitamin Is Best Absorbed?

Most probably, you are struggling to feel your nutritional gaps by taking vitamin supplements, hoping they’ll do you good for your health. You may be doing little work for your body if they end up nowhere in your bloodstream. Different people have many claims about what form of vitamin supplements are best absorbed. On the other hand, companies claim a high absorption rate for their product, making it even more challenging to determine the proper form. 

If you want to invest so much in buying the best form of vitamin supplement, the last thing you want is to lose your money by not securing the right product. Unlike their counterparts’ pills, gels, and capsules, liquid vitamin supplements are best absorbed. However, there is a hierarchical order of their effectiveness. 

What Are Liquid Vitamins?

Supplements come in different forms, including liquids, tablets, chewable, soft gels, and powders. These multiple forms serve best for general health and give the body much freedom to take supplements in the easiest way possible. 

Liquid vitamins are supplements best for both youngsters and older adults. They have a higher absorption rate into the system, but you should be mindful of how quickly you want the nutrients absorbed into your body. But although they are easily accessible to the body, they are costly. Liquid vitamins have a short lifespan and often need refrigeration.

Unlike the other forms, liquid vitamins could be the better option if you have difficulties swallowing the other supplements. Swallowing issues may make vitamin intake so challenging, but with liquid vitamins, it will be much easier.

Primary Ingredients in Liquid Vitamins You Don’t Need to Worry About.

Have you ever taken a closer look at the ingredients in your supplement? You may find it hard to pronounce the names that sound made-up. Don’t jump to conclusions; some of these ingredients have a potential power in your system, although some are there only to fill up the space. 

Here are the active ingredients to expect in your liquid vitamins. 


Some capsules are so bitter, making them hard to swallow without their shells. These shells can be made from soft plastic or gelatin, which could interfere with your digestive mechanism.

On the contrary, liquid vitamins don’t need to be in shells to be absorbable. If the test is not welcoming, you can combine them with other ingredients like fruit juice to make them easy to swallow. 


These ingredients not only add structure and shape to pills but also have unnecessary risk factors and additives like hydrogenated oils, talc, and titanium oxide. Anything sticky makes it challenging to break down. Liquid vitamins do not need binders to create their shape and structure.


As their name suggests, they are used as bulking agents and are exactly so extraneous. They act as extra padding surrounding the active ingredients. Most manufacturers use them to make vitamin supplements look healthier. But then, fillers may do more harm than good you expect. Fillers are not digestible. Therefore, absorption of the active ingredients becomes challenging. 

Bottom Line

The body must break down anything added to the supplements for better absorption. The more coats, fillers, and binders the supplement has, the less absorbable it is. Liquid vitamins are so simple and easy to absorb among all. The Ingredients chain is so susceptible to breakdown hence the quicker the absorption rate. 

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