3 Benefits of Upgrading to An Automated Garage Door

Waking up to the smell of coffee is possible thanks to smart plugs and connected coffee machines. In the same vein, you get to enjoy smart benefits when you upgrade to an automated garage door.

Automated garage doors are convenient and use smart technology for improved security, safety and more.

Higher Home Value

Whether you’re looking to add curb value or want to sell your home for the best possible price, garage door upgrades should definitely be on your list. For quality installation, have it done by Garage Door Replacement Scottsdale experts.

Better Safety and Security

If your family members’ safety is a major concern, having automatic garage doors can give you utmost peace of mind. These doors have advanced sensors that can detect if a foreign object is blocking the door during operation, e.g., opening and closing. It will then stop the operation until the object makes it safely past or until you manually remove it.

Garage doors are one of the first thing an invader tries when breaking into a house. Automated garage doors can be programmed to be opened only with a manual switch so that it cannot be opened remotely when you’re on vacation. You can set your garage door to open its lights in the evening or in certain times of the day to deter break-ins.

Ultimate Convenience

Smart garage doors are convenient to the homeowner in so many ways. You gain the ability to open, close or check the door’s status using your smartphone or a compatible device that’s connected to the internet. Simply download the app and install it to gain these useful abilities.

When you’re coming home and wouldn’t want to get out the car, open the app and the automated garage door will detect its proximity. It opens as soon as you pull in and closes when you’re parked in.

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