3 Money Making Cryptocurrencies – Loopring, Sushiswap and HUH Token

Loopring and Sushiswap both have demonstrated their profit-generating prowess in the past, and HUH Token presented itself as a new opportunity for many to join early. Of course, it is impossible to say with certainty how any of these cryptos will perform in the future. However, using the available data from Loopring and Sushiswap, lessons can be learnt and the potential of new currencies like HUH Token can be examined.

The statistics below have been gathered from and is accurate as of the time this was written. Individuals should always conduct their own research to make informed decisions.

Loopring is an Ethereum based software that aims to encourage a vast network of individuals to operate a platform that allows them to create crypto-asset exchanges. This software not only utilises Loopring’s own native coin (LRC), it incorporates multiple currencies in its system.

At its lowest, Loopring was worth $0.01986. At its highest, it was worth $3.83. Loopring reached this new high very recently and has made many investors excited for its future. If someone had purchased $1000 worth of Loopring at its base and sold it during its peak, they would have received just short of $200,000. An incredible increase in value.

Sushiswap is an automated market maker (AMM), essentially a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The AMM aspect is a technology that creates markets for any pair of tokens, which is achieved using smart contracts. Sushiswap exists as a fork of Uniswap and is mainly focused on decentralised finance (DeFi) traders.

Sushiswap is currently experiencing the hardship that many cryptocurrencies across the board are facing. However, their past prices and potential profits may convince many to stay loyal. Sushiswap’s minimal price point was $0.4737, and its greatest market value was $23.38. Using the $1000 assumption in our previous example, Sushiswap would have generated a return of slightly over $47,000.

HUH Token is in presale and will be available for everyone soon. The creators have emphasised that this is a token that will generate wealth over time, and holders would be wise to keep their HUH Token for as long as possible. One of their common phrases is ‘Hold Until Gold’.

One of the features that could help them reach their ‘gold’ level of status is that HUH Token produces additional tokens the longer you hold onto it. They also have a unique referral system that produces BNB and an ambitious road map that has drawn the gaze of many potential holders. In addition to this, those who purchase during the presale will receive 25% additional tokens compared to those who miss the presale.

Loopring and Sushiswap are merely two examples in a plethora of cryptocurrencies that produce unimaginable profits for minimal input. Of course, discovering the new currencies that will replicate their success is the challenging part. However, simply examining the features HUH Token offers and the rewards for joining the project early will tell any potential buyer that it could be a lucrative opportunity.

HUH Token has a limited number of days before its presale closes and could be the next profit producer in the line-up presented here. With time running out, could the sceptics end up missing out on future $200,000 or more profits?

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