3 Reasons Why 5G is Great News for Gamers

5G is officially here, and there’s no crowd happier than the gaming community.

From faster downloads to lower latency, 5G is poised to rival even that of WiFi internet. Here are 3 reasons why the upgrade is good for the gaming industry.

True Portability

To play graphically-intense games and multiplayer experiences on mobile a wifi connection is an absolute must. However, with the advent of 5G gamers can achieve a true level of portability and accessibility.

For example, you can play SBOBET SSGAME350 anywhere without having to worry about untimely disconnections and lag once you’re in the 5G network. Accessibility is just a matter of turning on your phone’s mobile network and choosing the network instead of being tied down by a home broadband service.

Super Fast

To give you an idea of just how fast 5G is we’ll do a comparison of 4G and 5G downloads.

In a Speedtest 2020 data, average 5G speeds were somewhere around 186 mbps, while 4G averaged at around 30 mbps. For a smooth gaming experience it’s recommended to have a 35 mbps connection as the minimum.

Upload and download speed, as well as latency play a huge role in online gaming experiences. This becomes a vital component as the world moves towards cloud gaming.

Super Low Latency

We touched on latency in the previous point, but here’s a deep-dive definition of it and why it’s important for gamers.

Latency is the time when your input reaches the game server and the game server returns it to your device. Higher latency means data takes a longer time being transferred and equals more delay in action.

5G latency was tested and it proved to be better than 4G. The fact is that 5G is a relatively new technology and it can get better in time, maybe even to the point that it can rival a wired connection.

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