3 Tips for Choosing a Suitable Optical Lens

An optical lens is a transparent optical module for either converging or diverging light that emits from an object. Those transmitted light rays then combine to form the actual image. There are several uses of an optical lens, among which their integration into surveillance cameras and automobiles is very common.

Whether buying a surveillance camera for your smart home or your business, the optical lens integrated into that camera plays a crucial role. So it is vital to consider as many factors as required when purchasing an optical lens. Confused about what to consider when purchasing an optical lens? Don’t worry; we have put together a list of 3 incredible tips to help you make the right decision.  

Top 3 Elements to Consider for the Best Optical Lens

Take a look at these three main parameters for choosing the best optical lens and make an informed decision!

l F. No of the Lens

The F. No of an optical lens is basically the optics depth of field. It can be simply defined as the range of an object’s focus point. This is the component that determines the brightness of the lens and the efficiency of your surveillance camera. The higher the F. No of your optical lens, the clearer it can showcase your images and shots in low light environment.

l Zooming Effect of the Optical Zoom Lens

The optical zoom lens has an exceptional feature that allows you to use a wide range of focal lengths with a single optical lens. The best optical zoom lens is one that has wide angles and a minimum focal length of at least 2.7 mm. The lower focal length of such lenses allows the camera to have higher optical zooming ratios – allowing you to capture an extensive area no matter how far you zoom in.

It’s vital that you pick an optical lens with a minimum focal length so you can have the best zooming effect because the main objective of surveillance camera is to capture most of the area in focus, after all.

l Resolution of the Optical Lens

The minimum distance between two spots on a specimen that can still be identified by the observer or camera system as independent entities is called the resolution of an optical lens. The best resolution of an optical lens is what matches the megapixel sensor in your camera. The best feature of an optical zoom lens is that it keeps the image’s resolution the same no matter how far or deep you zoom in.

So, all you have to make sure is that the optical lens you are purchasing has a resolution that perfectly matches your camera’s megapixel sensor.

Buy the Best Optical Lens with YTOT Optical Technology

Now that you know the top 3 factors to consider when choosing an optical lens for surveillance cameras or automobiles, you must be wondering where to get a lens that matches the criteria perfectly.

The good news is – the Zoom series by YTOT is a collection of six incredibly engineered, all-in-one, high magnification 4k lenses. Each high magnification lens comes with exciting features, including the best quality sensors, high precision, great F. No that suit your surveillance requirements, and an ideal resolution so that your surveillance cameras can provide excellent images and recordings.

YTOT Optical Technology: A Name You Can Trust

YTOT Optical Technology is one of the top manufacturers of optical lenses across the globe. The company is solely responsible for all the operations, including research and development, production, sales, and even after-sales. Thus, the quality of the products is never compromised, and the R&D departments continue to bring as much innovation into the products as possible so the customers can be served with the best.

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