3 Uses for Composite Decking

Composite decking is so flexible that it can be used in a number of different ways. While it can make your garden look good there are so many things you can do with this type of decking. This article will help you to explore your options so you can do something creative with your new composite decking.

1. Helping you to Enjoy Your Garden

If there’s a part of your garden that you like to sit in, laying some decking in the area will be something of a blessing. This is especially the case if you have ever had to sit on wet grass. Alternatively, it gives you somewhere stable to put your chair and table.

Just make sure you leave a little room to move around so you can get up and tend to those potted plants that are close by.

You could also use your decking to store a few items. Let’s imagine you tend to keep your children’s toys on the grass. When the rain falls, the toys are likely to get dirty, so why not store them somewhere else? You could place them in a corner of your decking. This will not only ensure the toys are less dirty but it’ll help keep the grass looking nicer too.

2. As a Replacement for a Patio

Composite decking can be a good replacement or alternative to a patio. The great news it’s easier to clean than patios and it comes in a range of different colours. No longer will you have a grey, dull patio in your garden, you will have something that looks good. Did you know that you can opt to lay your decking diagonally? This will help to add some texture and it can make a huge difference.

If you wish, you could always use garden decking throughout the whole of your garden. You don’t have to have a garden with a lawn if you do not wish to. Use decking that’s low maintenance, easy to clean and is thought to last at least 15 years.  Sit some potted plants on your decking so you get the benefit of having a garden but without having to do the hard work.

Why not consider making your decking multi-level? You could have a deck right outside your back door and some steps down to another part of your garden. You could potentially store a few items under the decking while enjoying the modern finish.

Some people like to stick their barbecue on their decking and build a few steps leading up to it. Others like to sunbathe and some people like to build a raised area for their children to play on the choice is yours.

3. A Location for your Shed

Composite decking could be the ideal location for your shed. If your shed is currently sat on or near grass, the grass can become unkempt. However, when you stick a shed on some decking it solves the issue. It also means that your shed is sat somewhere stable.

In addition to sitting their shed on grass, many people sit it on concrete slabs. However, concrete slabs can easily become uneven. This is where composite decking can really help. Composite decking is a stable surface that can support the weight of your shed. It can also add a nice finishing touch. You can have an extra space to work or any extra area to store some of your tools. Using decking that gives you more room can make your garden seem bigger and your shed smaller.

If you plan to build a summer house or office in your garden you could place them on some composite decking. Again, the decking will support the weight, it’ll make the area seem bigger and it’ll look good.

There are many different uses for composite decking, but the above three are some of the most popular. Why not use some composite decking to help you get more out of your garden? You could use in it place of a patio, or somewhere for your shed, garden office, or summer house to sit. The choice is yours. There really are no as to what you can do with composite decking.

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