3 Ways to Get the Best Diablo 2 Items

For many people, D2 or Diablo 2 is still the gold standard when it comes to hack and slash RPGs. The game still enjoys thousands of Diablo enthusiasts in both official and private servers all around the globe.

At the heart of D2 are unique items that turn your character into a powerhouse. However, you can only influence the quality of drop and not the item itself.

Here are 3 ways to outfit your D2 character with godly gear.

Stack Magic Find Gear

Increasing your magic find % is still one of the best ways to get better Diablo 2 unique items. It’s a good idea to stack as much MF as you can, even sacrificing some of the attributes you need for the sake of finding the one you want.

When going this route, it may be better to do runs in lower difficulties if you’re constantly dying from a non-optimized gear. Balance the risk-reward ratio and you’ll have a super-useful and sought-after weapon, armor or accessory in no time!

Boss Hunting

Diablo 2 bosses are a reliable source of legendary equipment. However, there’s a better way than killing then restarting the game and killing again to get what you want.

Organ hunting allows you to fight uber bosses, which grant a higher chance of loot compared to their normal versions. Keys and organs drop only in Hell difficulty, so make sure you have a character that can kill them in less than 5 minutes.

Buy Them

You may not have dozens of hours each day farming and gambling for the items you need. In this case, you can buy D2 items from a reputable platform quickly and without hassle.

Need a Hellfire Torch, or a Runewords weapon so you can complete your Diablo 2 setup? Instead of running endless Baal, Mephisto or Diablo runs, you can simply buy them and use it right away.

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