4 Advancements in Dental Implant Technology

The dental industry is growing at an impressive rate each year. You can now choose from several tooth implants that are better than dentures and often at a cost-effective price.

Did you know that dental implants in Turkey are among the cheapest in the world? This is because of greater surgeon experience and the materials being easily available. Letsmedi can help you find the best and most affordable option for overseas treatment.

Those who are missing tooth or a set of teeth can benefit from these dental implant technologies.

Better Imaging Systems

Planning how to get dental implants has become easier due to faster and more accurate computers and imaging systems. For instance, MRI and CAT scans can now reveal in greater detail the patient’s mouth and teeth structure, allowing dentists laser-like precision on how to best carry out the work.

Smile restoration services can make use of CAD for 3D models, which gives the patients more options,

Smaller Implants

Fabrication of mini dental implants is now a possibility in Turkey and some parts in the world. Whereas the standard was 5mm wide, today denturists can make one in 3mm.

Smaller dental implants are better as they’re less noticeable and are excellent for those who have little to no bone or tissue left. The result is a successful restoration and higher customer satisfaction.

Realistic Crowns

There’s still room for improvement when it comes to natural-looking implants, but with the help of technology it’s getting there.

3D printers and new materials have made dental crowns look, feel and work very similar to real teeth. The aesthetic factor of going out and socializing with others without having to worry about being embarrassed.

Titanium with Bone-Like Structure

Roughened titanium mimics natural bone texture, which gives it a better ‘grip’ for stability and has a lower rejection rate, to boot. A dental implant specialist in Turkey will be able to offer this at a lower cost than any other country.

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