4 Advantages of Satellite Internet

Living in a rural area or remote location shouldn’t mean low-tech. When speedy internet is a must-have, a satellite internet becomes a viable option due to the benefits it can bring.

Readily Available

Satellite internet brands such as Yellow Broadband are better in terms of availability and reliability. The reason why satellite internet is much more stable is because it has fewer failure points and less demand management. Moreover, it has fewer cable material, which means it’s not as susceptible to physical damage which can equal downtime for extended periods.

Is uptime important to you? Satellite broadband has that advantage compared to other internet services.

Easy to Install

To install a satellite connection all a company needs to do is to bring a modem, a dish and a power supply for the equipment. In rural areas where it may prove to be difficult to lay down miles of cable, satellite beats out conventional broadband by a mile.

Wait time is reduced to just a matter of days or even hours compared to weeks. Once you sign up, an internet engineer arrives and sets it up for you within the day.

Better Coverage

The great thing about satellite is that it’s not constrained to just cities and urban locations. A single provider can cover wide areas of land without having to spend as much on tower points, cable-laying and the like.

You also get higher bandwidth, which means video conferencing, remote IT solutions and enterprise resource planning becomes available. You’re not limited to slow speeds and can enjoy the same bandwidth as with urban dwellers.


In a satellite internet setting, the only thing you’re paying for is the installation itself and the monthly charges. This means the providers have a lower overhead cost and are unlikely to pass down charges to their subscribers.

Consider getting satellite if uptime and installation time is important for you or your business.​​​​​​

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