4 Beginner Tips for Online Multiplayer Gaming

Playing online multiplayer in FPS games like Fortnite can be an enlightening experience as you’ll be facing off against pretty tough competition.

Here are 4 multiplayer beginner tips you’ll want to keep in mind as you start out in your journey:

Forgive Yourself

You may think you’re good at an FPS game just because you beat everyone in your family, but online is a whole new level. Be prepared to be killed more times than you would have preferred at a rank that you’re usually not happy with, e.g., 10th place instead of 1st, only 2 kills, etc.

Don’t Be Mindless- Play to Learn

Like most FPS experts, you will want to soak in the multiplayer scene as much as possible and get to learn how the best get to where they are now. That said, treat every match as a learning opportunity and see what people do differently to rack up points.

It’s quite impossible to win at a perfect rate, especially if the game you’re playing is popular and has a high level of competition. Don’t let that get you down- just practice and be mindful of how you’re playing.

Watch How-Tos and Videos

Watch online multiplayer game streams on a preferred title so you can see what you’re doing right (and what needs to be improved). In Fortnite, read up on professional players, their tactics and try to emulate them when you’re online. A good place to start is by reading SypherPK Biography and watching his tactics on Twitch.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

As games get played people will find out the strongest weapon, the best tactic, etc. but that doesn’t mean you can experiment on your own. You could discover a whole new game-breaking way to kill opponents in Fortnite, for example when new DLCs come out.

Spend more time and get to know the game at a deeper level so you can become more comfortable.

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