4 Benefits of Using a Wired Connection

Wi-fi connection is the default mode for most of us since it offers several advantages, including convenience and high device adoption rate.

However, there are times when a wired connection is needed. Here are its 4 benefits.

Low Latency

Latency is basically the delay between your input and when it shows up online. In online games, it’s the time (usually in milliseconds) when the game server recognizes your tap, click or action.

Wired connections generally enjoy lower latency compared to wifi since it travels through a physical medium. This is important when you’re looking to process an online payment or when you’re playing baccarat on บาคาร่า SA GAMING


While it’s true that wifi doesn’t require you to be tethered to the router it can make for a less reliable online experience.

Again, wired is recommended for important tasks, such as when you have to take a video call and don’t want any interruptions or when you’re working from home. As long as the ethernet cable is connected to the computer or console then you shouldn’t have any issues.

Faster Transfers

WiFi 6 technology may be catching up with wired due to its improved upload and download speeds, but connection quality still goes to wired.

Plus, wired data transfers are consistent compared to wifi- you can get more done in terms of actions. Content heavy tasks are done with relative ease and with fewer risks of disconnections than wifi.

Better Security

Wi-fi has some security protocols to ensure no unauthorized person can get into the network. Other than passwords and encryption methods there are few protective solutions you can use.

Wired connections offer a closed circuit network in that no other devices are allowed except for the ones connected physically to the router. Unless the hacker utilizes very advanced techniques there’s no way they could break in.

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