4 Effective Backlink Building Strategies In 2020

Link building is no more a quantity game, but a quality one. It is not easy to build valuable links immediately. It is a gradual process. Contentss without links cannot generate referral traffic and also hampers your ranking potential. Despite many tactics, people still suffer when it comes to creating useful backlinks. However, we have picked a handful of tricks to help you build the best strategy to generate backlinks.

Guest Blogging

“Guest Blogging is dead!”

How many times have you heard it on different marketing blogs? But we do not agree completely.It is an important rule of thumb that when you start guest blogging for backlinks, you don’t sim0ply do it for backlinks. A successful guest blogging is never backlink-centered. With the sole purpose of earning a backlink, you might end up addressing low-quality websites or compromising on your content. This will sabotage your content marketing strategy. With high-grade guest blogging, you can build influence and authority. Any backlinks earned are just incidental.

The question is How do you find good guest post prospects?

The answer is simple. Don’t just watch for sites actively looking for guest bloggers. Pitch your content to relevant sites even if they don’t explicitly ask for guest posts. Think of it, who would turn a well-written, free piece of content that can attract readers towards their website? Correct, no one.

Social Media

Many people look at social media and link building separately. But we think that you might be doing a disservice to your site by not using social media for creating links. One of the most effective strategies to earn backlinks is to connect with other websites in your niche. This engagement on social media can earn you opportunities to build links by content mentions, exchanges, and guest blogs. A long-term strategy you should consider for your content marketing is building contacts with journalists and influencers. For quick wins, you can follow hashtags like #bloggerrequests #PRrequests on Twitter. If you are in a niche of producing visual content and infographics, Pinterest can bring you referral traffic and build natural links for you. Posting content on Reddit or Quora is fast and easy. A quality piece of content is prone to go viral and earn you strong social media backlinks that will help you boost your SEO ranking.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is one of the most flexible tactics to create backlinks. How does it work? You find a broken (dead) link on someone’s website, create similar content, and then ask them to link to your recreated content instead of the dead resource. Why would someone agree to do that? When you point out a dead link on someone’s website, they will be more than happy to replace it with your content because broken links lead to poor user experience. First of all, look for dead pages on the top sites in your niche. Find their contact details, inform them about their broken links, and pitch your content as a replacement. Broken link building is not a dead game. You can also hire a VA to speed up your process. An important thing to create an effective backlink is to watch out that your content is a genuine replacement for the broken link.


Content marketers often forget the truth that authoritative sites won’t just magically link to your website. You need to toss your content in front of them. But mind well, your content needs to be excellent, comprehensive, and immediately actionable to earn quality backlinks. Like sales, content promotion depends on three factors:

  1. Quality content (non-negotiable)
  2. The correct audience
  3. Implicit value for websites to link your content

If you have mastered these three areas, pat yourself on the back. You’ll be earning many backlinks soon.


Content marketers should keep in mind that backlinks are Google’s best search signals. Taking the yield of quality backlinks is essential for brand promotion. Credible sites will only link to your content if they find it outstanding and suitable.  

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