4 Legal Tech Trends for 2020

As technology marches on all industries, including legal businesses will need to catch up to the times for their and their clients’ benefit.

In 2020, here are 4 key technological trends to look out for.

Remote Practice

In today’s digital world it’s not unusual for firms to have some of their Texas appeals attorneys working remotely or at home. This kind of setup benefits both team members as they can save time working on a case instead of commuting to the office.

Virtual law practice is certainly possible with the help of emerging solutions in video conferencing tools and faster broadband connection.

IT and Law Expertise

Firms that don’t have an IT infrastructure will be lacking the edge over the competition. Even the best criminal appeals lawyers in Texas need some sort of support for sending files to the cloud and communicating out-of-office, for instance.

Having a separate IT department for a top Texas appellate lawyer can be cumbersome, and as such the gap between law and IT skills will need to be addressed.

Virtual Legal Assistants

It’s not unusual for the best Texas appellate attorneys to have chatbots who can help with simple queries on their websites. This encourages interaction for those who would rather ‘speak’ with a software or look up an FAQ rather than speak with a live person.

VLAs are the future of legal assistance, but the app is only as good as the programmer who makes them. A close interaction between the designer and the attorney is needed for the right answer to be given.

Automated Billing

Hours clocked and billed continues to be a challenge in the legal industry. Some firms, like Brownstone Law offer flexible billing solutions while others are struggling to incorporate a system that can keep track of working time.

An app or cloud system that makes it easy to ‘clock in’ should address the longstanding concern quite nicely.

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