4 Online Gaming Trends in 2020

If there’s one thing that we can always look forward to in the gaming industry, it’s innovation. From full HD VR headsets to more immersive gameplay, it’s always getting better.

That said, here are four online gaming trends in 2020.

Online Gambling

Gambling has evolved to digital and has become more profitable than ever. Nowadays you can open your smartphone and access platforms such as Kingwin99 and other popular gambling sites to get your fix.

Aside from greater accessibility you can look forward to more titles and variants of your favorite games, including live versions and worldwide events. Technology will only make these online gambling games immersive and life-like.


More and more people are watching streamers play games for entertainment or information on how to complete a mission or obtain a rare item, for example. The trend is expected to carry on towards 2020 and beyond, making streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube the go-to destination for videos.

The integration of 5G which is expected to roll out this year will make streaming accessible even when you’re out and about.

Virtual Reality Hardware

This year we can expect high-end VR headsets to appear. Consumers can finally get their hands on screens that are similar to 4K monitors.

Oculus Rift and Playstation VR started the trend, and the industry picked up with more games coming out. You can also expect motion-sensing technology, such as a panning feature when you turn your head to the left or right, for example and in-game feedback such as rumbles and more.

Mobile Gaming

Gaming phones are the next big thing on mobile hardware, and companies will be wanting to take advantage of that technology. Industry leaders will be developing titles that harness new smartphones’ processing power, memory and more. As such, we can expect shinier graphics and more content than ever.

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