4 Reasons Gamers Should Upgrade to A Newer Smartphone

If you spend considerable hours on your mobile phone playing online games then upgrading to a newer model might benefit you in more ways than you’d think.

Here are 4 reasons why you should upgrade your years-old phone for gaming today.

Bigger, Better Display

Most modern phones are now well beyond the 6-inch screen, with some reaching tablet size proportions.

Not only did the size change, but the refresh rate and technology as well. You get smoother 90Hz and above rates, and OLED or even AMOLED panels, which translate to a better experience in terms of immersion and entertainment.

Longer-Lasting Battery

Does your smartphone give up on you just when you’re about to win, or when you get a jackpot in SSGAME350 more than a few times? We recommend buying a new smartphone with a bigger battery capacity.

Anything upwards of 4,000mAh should be enough to last you nearly a day of gaming. The kicker however, is the fast-charging technology that’s becoming a common feature in modern smartphones. This means you can get back in the game sooner because your phone charges to 100 percent faster.

Capture and Streaming Capability

Gamers nowadays are a mix of streamers and viewers, and it’s not uncommon to want a device that could capture your actions in-game to boast about or post on YouTube, social media or Twitch, among others.

New smartphones are faster and can accommodate modern technology, such as screen capturing and streaming.

The Latest Operating Software

Apple and Google are churning out new iterations of their Android and iOS operating systems regularly. Those with a 5-year old phone may find themselves unable to update to the latest OS because their devices are no longer supported.

A new smartphone ensures you stay in the loop and get all the new and latest improvements for a better mobile experience.

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