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4 Reasons Why Being Uncircumcised Is Better Than Being Circumcised

Male circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin from the human penis. In addition to religious reasons, circumcision is frequently performed as a rite of passage and sometimes as a prophylactic measure against potential disease in America.

As such, there are culturally determined reasons for performing circumcision that go beyond any purported medical benefit.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 75% of males in the United States have undergone this procedure. However this practice is quite unpopular globally.

But are there any benefits to it? Or is remaining uncircumcised better? Let’s find out!

1. It’s Natural

Circumcision is an old practice that continues to this very day. Most people are interested in this topic because they have heard about it through the media, friends, or family.

Circumcised vs. uncircumcised  can be a hot topic. It’s a topic that typically arises when a baby is born, and parents wonder about what to do. They may rely on advice from friends, family, or doctors.

This procedure is done to remove all or most of the foreskin for various reasons, including hygiene purposes, to look like the father, religious beliefs, or just cultural practices.

However, keeping the foreskin intact is the most natural thing we can do. Why change something that you’re born with?

2. Circumcision Controversy

Circumcision is a very controversial topic because it’s optional surgery but it’s been done for so long.  It’s been ingrained in our culture and many men don’t even think about the fact that they’re missing a part of their body. However, if you’re circumcised, there are a few things that you’ll miss out on.

For one thing, your foreskin isn’t just useless skin – it has several important functions! Circumcision removes a lot of your nerve endings – this means less sensitivity during sex. The foreskin can have as many as 20,000 nerve endings.  In addition, the glans becomes desensitized because of circumcision.

2. Natural Lubrication

Foreskin provides natural lubricant. This is because the foreskin releases its own lubrication. Through stimulation, the penis and foreskin becomes engorged with blood and begins to swell. This swelling forces fluid from the mucosal foreskin surfaces to provide this natural lubricant. This can increase sexual pleasure for both men and women during intercourse.

The foreskin also enhances sensation by stimulating the head of the penis with its gliding action during sex or masturbation. It is this gliding action that gives an uncircumcised man more control over his level of stimulation, compared with a circumcised man who has lost most of his sensory nerve endings.

4. What’s True?

Of all the myths and misconceptions, one thing is actually true.  Guys that are not circumcised need to pay some attention to making sure their foreskin gets washed when showering. They need to take care down there if not circumcised. Men must clean their foreskin correctly after taking a shower or bath. But then again, all men should be washing their genitals.

Just by doing this simple step, uncircumcised men can avoid most issues. This is especially true for males after 13 years of age. But this is so simple, it’s no different than washing any other body part.

In Conclusion

The foreskin, not only covers and protects the head of the penis, but it is an organ in its own right.   It contains a rich concentration of blood vessels, nerve endings and specialized sensory cells. Circumcision removes this tissue. The foreskin also plays an important role in sexual pleasure and penile health.

Although it’s been more common for newborn boys to be circumcised, less than 55% of boys in the United States are circumcised today. This is due to an increasing awareness about the importance of leaving a child’s genitals intact, as well as the risks of a needless medical procedure.

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