4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have an On-Site Cafeteria

While a decreasing number of businesses have on-site cafeterias, a cafeteria can actually improve morale, make employees more productive, and offer healthier options than the local fast food joint. Lunch breaks are part of the workplace culture just as much as meetings and corporate events, and a cafeteria gives employees the perfect place to socialize. It’s safe, overseen by the company, and helps businesses show that they really care about their employees. In a world where employee morale is rapidly dropping, be the company that makes their employees feel welcomed and appreciated. Here’s why you should invest in a cafeteria for your workspace.

A Cafeteria Helps Employees Build Stronger Relationships

Without a cafeteria, lunch breaks can be a solitary affair. Many employees find themselves eating alone at their desk, sitting in their car or eating at a fast food restaurant. They might be able to get one or two other employees to join them, but sometimes their work schedules don’t line up. In this sense, a lunch hour can be seen as a “wasted” hour of the work day. The employees deserve one, but it does nothing to enhance the workplace culture.

If their office has a cafeteria, employees have a place to talk, gather, socialize and build strong relationships in the middle of the day. They can talk about work, discuss their projects, and talk about non-work related subjects to help them build stronger friendships. No more sitting alone at their desks, eating a burger from the nearest fast food restaurant. The lunch period will become the social hub for the entire office.

A Cafeteria Offers Healthier Alternatives

When your employees are in the middle of a busy work day, sometimes it’s easier to just buy a greasy hamburger or a slice of pizza and worry about the consequences later. But eating a poor diet isn’t just bad for your employees’ health–it’s also bad for their morale. A diet heavy in fats and sugars can contribute to weight gain, which might make employees feel stressed and depressed. Fattening foods also tend to make people feel bloated and “weighed down” after a meal, which can put them in a bad mood and make them less productive.

Instead of making your employees rely on fast food, treat them to a cafeteria stocked with fresh, healthy meals that are made with real ingredients. They’ll appreciate having a place to go for healthy alternatives, and you might find that your company’s health insurance premiums start to drop. If your employees are healthier, it means fewer medications and fewer trips to the doctor. Plus, you’ll notice that the general mood around the office starts to improve.

A Cafeteria Improves Productivity

Think about how much time it takes to get into your car, drive to the nearest restaurant, wait in the drive-thru, get your food, and drive back to the office. And even if you bring your own lunch, you still have to heat it up in the microwave–which can take some time if a lot of employees are waiting and there’s only one microwave. Having an on-site campus drastically cuts back on the time your employees spend buying and preparing meals. They’ll be able to go right to the cafeteria, pick up a meal or snack, and get back to work without a hitch.

A Cafeteria is a Great Company Perk

How many companies can say that they still offer an on-site cafeteria? Having a cafeteria on campus is a great way to make your company look attractive to prospective employees. You can include it in the benefits package and offer employees special discounts on the food, which might allow you to offer a lower salary. For most people, company benefits are just as important as the pay rate. And if they’re getting a great benefit like a cheap, convenient lunch every day, they’ll be more likely to accept your job offer.

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