4 Tips to Upgrade your WiFi for a Faster Connection

Internet connection is one of those things that adhere to the ‘faster is better’ rule. For most homes, they make use of wi-fi and an internet connection to watch videos, chat with friends and get things done online.

Here are 4 tips you can use to get a better and stronger wi-fi connection.

Relocate the Router

Router placement is important because physical objects can cause wifi signal obstruction.

Putting your router in a corner and under walls, bookshelves or cupboards isn’t recommended. You can actually set it a good distance from an outlet, so try to aim for a centralized device that has plenty of free airspace.

Opt In For Wired Connection

In cases where your online activity is important, such as when you’re working from home or playing an intense round of baccarat on บาคาร่า 789 you may want to invest in a wired connection using an ethernet cable.

Wired may seem like an ancient form of internet connection but it still remains one of the best. You can use it on a compatible game console, laptop or desktop and achieve more consistent speeds throughout.

Change the WiFi Channel

Channels can become congested if you and several other home networks are operating on the same frequency.

It’s pretty easy to change the channel if you think you’re experiencing heavy internet traffic. All you have to do is open a browser or your router’s app and find the channels setting there.

Do a Hard Reboot

Devices such as wifi routers need to be reset every now and then, especially if there’s noticeable slowdown or lag.

Rebooting is a matter of unplugging the router, waiting for 30 seconds and plugging it back in. After establishing the connection, the device then tries to find the least congested wifi channel if it’s set to automatic.

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