4 Ways to Get Paid to Play Games

With more and more people working remotely or making money online, you’d think it would be possible to make a living playing video games.

The short answer is yes, there are several ways to earn money with a hobby many thought was a waste of time. Here are a few of them.

Wager on Online Games

If allowed in your region or country, you can sign up for an account at a reputable online casino site and play your favorite casino games there.

Newcomers and old-timers will appreciate the classics and try new ones such as Lotto SSGAME350, which gives you a chance to take home massive earnings. As is the case with most gambling platforms there’s a risk that you might lose money in the end.


Mistplay is a relatively new app that works in the background. You can choose from a list of games, including Wordscapes, Candy Crush Saga, Fruit Ninja, Super Mario Run and more. As you play you earn points that you can redeem for iTunes or Amazon gift cards or points in gaming platforms, such as Xbox and Nintendo.


Lucktastic operates as a digital lottery app where users can win small or big prizes every day.

Downloading is free, and you can win cash, tokens or gift cards by peeling off digital scratch cards. These will be reflected in your account balance, and once there’s $5 you can cash out. It’s available on iOS and Android.

Join an eSports Tournament

If you have the skill and think you can make your way to the top of a game then you can join a tournament and compete for prize winnings.

Organized competitions are set up for the most popular titles, and you can usually find registration websites easily. Then, when you do win you can earn as much as $200k for big-name tournaments.

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