5 Best Casual PC Games

The words ‘PC’ and ‘casual’ are not often uttered in the same sentence, but there’s a thriving community for it.

If you’re interested in getting your feet wet in the world of PC casual games, here are 5 you can try.

Plants Vs Zombies

A deceptively simple casual game, PvZ has you controlling plants and defending your house against a zombie onslaught.

You get a variety of plants, each with its own unique ability. However, the zombies are the same. Get through levels where you survive waves of zombies and you’ll have a chance to defeat the evil mastermind Dr. Zomboss.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a Wipeout type game where you must reach the finish line before anyone else. It’s a casual multiplayer experience that’s best played after a rewarding round of JOKER SSGAME350.

Different obstacles makes things more interesting, but in order to continue you must be among a diminishing number of qualifying entrants.

Among Us

A smash hit that can be played on different devices, including smartphones, the Nintendo Switch and of course, the PC. It’s a game where you and others are trapped inside a spaceship and must figure out who the killer is before you’re all dead.

Among Us is played with people from all over the world, but you can also play it with friends.


If you’ve ever played a pachinko game then you’ll love Peggle. It has the same addictive mechanics- position a ball to fall and eliminate as much blocks as possible to get to the next stage.

Power-ups make the levels more interesting, as well as different characters who will join you as the game progresses.

Hidden Through Time

Play a game of virtual hide-and-seek and find the object among a panoramic scene. It sounds easy enough but you’ll need a sharp eye and patience.

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