5 Good Photography Composition Techniques for Beginners

As you all know, it is the image composition technique that makes the photo interesting It is the photographer who decides to go with one of the image composition technique for the particular frame. This is the reason why the person behind the camera is more important than the camera itself.

So, if you are a beginner in photography then you may be confused to select one as there are many image composition rules. In this article, I will share five good image composition technique which you can use during your beginning phase of photography.

1. Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds is one of the best image composition technique for an amateur photographer. You can use it easily by enabling the 3×3 grid option in the camera.

According to this rule, an image is divided into 9 equal parts using two parallel lines in the horizontal and vertical axis. The subject of interest should lie either in the point of intersection of these lines or in these lines itself.

2. Golden Ratio

There are two ways you can implement the Golden ratio photography rule. You can either use the Phi Grids or the Golden spiral grids.

Phi grids are seen in many cameras. But, the golden ratio grids are only found in very few cameras. So, if you are planning to use the Golden spiral, then you will have to apply it during the post-processing stage.

3. Fill the Frame

Fill the frame photography technique is ideal for close up and portrait photography. Here, you basically fill the frame with the subject. So, the majority of the frame will be occupied by the subject.

Thus, you make it clear that the viewer’s focus is on the subject and not on something else.

4. Composing with Leading Lines

Leading lines photography composition technique is another interesting way to compose an image.

Here, you can make use of the lines in the scene which are created by different things like road, river, bridge, buildings, pillars, and many other objects as a guide towards the subject of interest in the scene. Thus, you can grab the attention of the viewer towards the subject without any distraction.

5. Negative Space Technique

You can also use the negative space in the image to compose your frame. The negative space will occupy most of the area in the frame.

But, make sure that the color of the negative space blends with the scene. Otherwise, it will not look good.


Even though I have mentioned only five composition techniques, there are many more techniques that you can use in photography. But, I recommend following these initially to get a good understanding.

If you try to apply all the above techniques to a single scene. It may not look good. Only certain techniques will suit certain scenes, which you will learn through practice alone. So, get out in the field and start shooting.

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