5 Helpful sites like Couchtuner

Couchtuner being one of the most popular platforms allows you to stream movies and TV shows online for free. It offers a considerably wide array of popular movies and TV shows without having any hidden charges or subscription headaches.

As most people can’t afford to subscribe to paid sites such as Netflix, Hulu or HBO, Couchtuner provides a better alternative for streaming. However, in spite of being useful to many, these sites have recently become a target of the law authorities. Primarily as the content available is usually copyrighted. Therefore, most of these sites are facing bans, and with Couchtuner being as popular as it is, it seems to have vanished from the web surface. However, not all hope is lost as there are still several helpful sites like Couchtuner are available that allow good streaming options and this article highlights the top ones:

Helpful sites like Couchtuner

Here are the top 5 helpful sites like Couchtuner that have been compiled where you is the great list of free movie streaming websites:

The Dare TV

One of the best substitutes to couchtuner, Dare TV is an excellent platform to stream TV shows and movies. With an extensive library and a remarkably simple interface, it makes online streaming a lot easier. The site also provides a “save video” option for streaming later on.


Quite similar to Couchtuner, Crucia is an excellent online streaming website TV shows. It, however, allows no option to stream movies so for that you will have to search up another alternative. Apart from that, the site features a comprehensive library of popular and well-known TV shows. It also gets frequent updates, so you can very well catch up with the latest shows. With a user-friendly interface, Crucia makes streaming TV shows a commodity.

Tubi TV

Offering an impressively wide variety of TV shows and movies. According to the entertainment editor on Open Sky News, Tubi TV is one of the top sites considered to be a great couchtuner alternative. The shows are available at good quality with fast streaming, so there is no “ruining the fun” while watching an episode or movie online. Apart from that, if you are keen on watching a movie or a TV series in its original language, the site also provides subtitles in multiple languages. Additionally, the site is available on mobile phones too, along with being available on computers.

Series online

Boasting a wide variety of online streaming options for movies and TV shows alike, Series Online is an excellent alternative to couchtuner. It is notorious for having one of the wealthiest libraries amongst all other streaming sites making it an excellent choice to couchtuner. The site doesn’t require registration but signing up allows you to stay updated with all the trendings.


This site has recently gained recognition as another excellent online streaming staple. The site offers movies and TV show streaming alike, and there are many mirrors to choose from in case one does not work. The site is easy to use with a user-friendly interface along with a vast library. Apart from featuring Hollywood content, it also has shows and movies from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, France and various other countries.

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