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5 Perks of Having Faith in God

They all say that hard work is the key to achieve anything in your life. But what is the use of that hard work if you are doubtful about it? We have seen many scenarios where people have accomplished many things just with faith. Faith in their efforts and the most important which is god. Many of you might be atheist and this write up is specially dedicated to you. We know that being atheist you can’t have faith in God and its values but if there are some negatives then there are positives as well. According to Planetshakers Melbourne Church, Having faith in God has nothing to do with any kind of ritual that you need to perform every day. It is all about having a belief about the existence of the particular thing and surrender to it for the sake of your goodness. Here are some of the perks which you would enjoy once you start having faith in God.

Makes you stronger

Here we are not talking about adding a few muscles to your body or transferring any horsepower energy to you. We are talking about making yourself stronger mentally. In our day-to-day life, we come across many situations where we need to deal with it mentally rather than physically. In such a situation it is important to have peace of mind and keep it stronger to fight any difficulties. Having faith in God would give you relief that some would be always there behind you in any situation. Most of us tend to remember or pray to god when we are stuck in any difficulty. Why? Because we know that some other way the god would show us the way to come out of this bad phase.


Have you noticed most people have a habit of writing a journal every day? What do they write in it? They mention a few things which they are grateful for and they also mention the goals that they wish to accomplish. Most of them have also seen great results after following this practice. What could be the reason behind this? Faith in god. While writing the Journal we always mention in the present tense and we believe that God has already given it to us. Repeating these faith statements have shown a great result for many people.

Know the purpose of your Life

Most of the time we do not know what we are doing in life. We do not find any direction and we keep working on the wrong path? And what do we get in return? A Big failure. Asking help from a god and having faith in him would get you the assurance that someone would be there with you in your journey. Having faith in God would give you the strength to overcome all the obstacles that come your way. You would be able to focus properly on what you need and which thing you need to work on.

Path to your solutions

Getting born as a human being is a blessing. But you would not always see greenery around you. You would always find yourself on the roller coaster of the good and bad phase. We always forget god in good times but the first thing we do in difficult times is to call for help from a god. We are not saying that God would give you the exact solution for your problems but you would get the strength to deal with them.

Overcome your anxiety and fear

Anxiety, Fear and Insecurity have become a few of the very common issues nowadays. Most of you might be visiting a psychiatrist to get yourself treated for these issues. Those treatments and therapies might provide you with a short team solution and every time you can not afford to visit the doctor or specialist for this reason. Having faith in God would help you to understand that things or the issues in life would get sorted in some time and this somehow would help to reduce the anxiety or the insecurity issue from your mind. 

Finally, it is all about how you feel about it. Having faith in God is not something that you would develop overnight. A consistent belief and effort would surely help you to go a long way.

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