5 Tech Tips to Make Your Mobile Device’s Battery Last Longer

A mobile device’s battery serves as a technological bottleneck when it comes to using your smartphone all day. Follow these five tips to ensure you get the most out of your personal device when you’re out and about.

Charge It Fully

It pays to charge your device anywhere between 80-100 percent before you start your day. However, you shouldn’t leave it plugged into a wall charger overnight as it can lead to battery drain issues down the road.

Lower the Screen Brightness

You probably won’t need a super bright screen when you’re indoors and playing your favorite betting games on SSGAME350. As long as you can see and don’t have to squint, set the brightness settings to around 50% and adjust as necessary. As a word of advice, you should disable auto brightness especially if you’re always outdoors so you can get more juice out of each use.

Close Other Open Apps

Closing games, apps, and browsers will not only give you more energy but also save up on the device memory as well. It’s considered good practice to close apps you won’t use as you browse, watch content, or play games, among others.

Use Earbuds or Headphones

Bluetooth might consume precious battery but you’d get a richer audio experience at a lower volume. Consider a pair of earbuds or headphones and lower the volume to 50% or less.

Bring a Power Bank

Last but not least, having a portable power bank with you will serve as backup and allow you to make calls and other things when faced with an emergency. It’s a must for power users or those who spend a lot of time on their devices. The capacity will depend on how heavy you use the device on a daily basis.

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