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5 Tips to Get Rid of Pests at Home by Yourself

Having pest infestation is one of the most horrifying things in a home especially when you have kids around.

Pests can easily cause sickness and many people associate infestations with poor hygiene.

However, getting rid of pests has been made easier by just dialing Pest Exterminators who are pest experts in residential pest control. They offer nothing but professional help with pest infestation and or anything related to it.

Some people do prefer to handle pests on their own which is very affordable and possible. All you have to do is learn about the infestation as well as the best methods to get rid of it.

The use of pesticides is one of the common methods to getting rid of bugs and insects. However, this is not approved anymore.

Pesticides have an effect in the human body especially to children who are exposed to its fumes at an early age. There are better ways of getting rid of pests without causing harms way to any being and this is what needs to be practiced.

Tips to getting rid of pests

  1. Sealing off gaps – Pests are very conniving and tricky especially rodents. Pests come to live in your house because it is warm and food is readily available compared to the wild. They will find the best way in and out without being easily seen. In order to prevent this, you need to seal off all gaps that lead in to the house from the outside. Seal off the roof gaps, door and window spacingsthat will allow them any sort of entry to the house. Rodents are known to eat through electric wires leaving the wires exposed which is very dangerous especially around young children. It is advisable to get rid of rodents as soon as you see one instead of waiting for the whole family to move in then take action.
  2. Stagnant water – get rid of any type of stagnant water and make sure you do not live near a swamp. Mosquitoes always breedin such areas especially during summer. Whilst you want to enjoy a nice sleep with the cool air at night, mosquitoes will not let you have that peace. You can get rid of them by burning fresh herbs like rosemary which will keep them away. It is advisable to get rid of mosquitoes as soon as possible or else you might get infected with malaria. Make sure you also repair torn screens that may act like a passage for both rodents and insects.
  3. The use of vinegar – did you know white vinegar can be used to deter ants? Well, now you do. Ants have the behavior of leaving a trail behind for another colony towards food. For you to prevent this you can wipe out the trail using vinegar which will keep ants away from your home. Some oils can also be used to clean furniture and fight strong odors that attract all kinds of pests into your home causing harm and a health hazard.
  4. Using wire cloches for the garden – if you have a beautiful vegetable garden set up right on your front porch or in your backyard, you will be disappointed if you woke up and found rodents having eaten half of your hard work. To prevent your vegetables or fruits from being eaten or attacked by insects and rodents, you can cover them with a cloche. The cloche actually prevents any attack from the outside but this does not necessary prevent the safety of your garden.
  5. Use of a dehumidifier – you can easily get rid of spider webs by using a dehumidifier and sweeping off cobwebs from the roof and walls. Getting rid of the cobwebs is getting rid of any spider traces and eggs that might have been left behind. It is very important to keep up with the practice if you notice a lot of cobwebs on your ceiling.


Getting rid of pests in a natural way can be one of the hardest methods to use. However, it is very easy to prevent future infestations by following the five steps above. Some pests are harder to control than others but always remember, if it is hard for you then let Pest Exterminators handle it. There are different methods to getting rid of pests in a home, but it all depends on the type of infestation.

Hygiene is a very major rule to take in a home. Maintain cleanliness of the house as well as follow pest prevention steps so as live a pest free life. Visit to learn more about the services offered and get the all the expertise needed in regards to pest control.

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