5 Type of Video You Can Create for Your Business in Low Budget

Meeting the evolving needs of customers in today’s date is one of the biggest challenges. No longer are videos a trend, as it has now become a norm.

A whopping 95% of viewers retention happens through video and only a tiny 10% through reading.

Thus, if you have still not decided on the video marketing goals, you might be leaving your customers at your competitor’s table.

Besides, the availability of professional video editors, online video makers, and whiteboard animation software has made it miraculously easy and affordable for businesses to reach their customers.

Videos are no wonder one of the most effective ways of conveying your business messages. Customers can grasp the messages fast with an impactful video.

The great news is, if you have still not started creating a video, it is a good time to start. Creating video content works as a tool to gain customers’ trust irrespective of being a small business or a reputed brand.

However, you must have knowledge of the types of videos that you can create even if you have a restricted budget.

In this article, we will take you through the 5 most effective videos that you can create on a low budget.

1. How-to Videos

Businesses that create how-to videos are the ones to acquire customers’ attention very easily. This can ease your customers from the discovery phase as you offer them the detail of what you deliver.

How-to videos are one of the common kinds of educational videos that explain to viewers the process of doing something. These are mostly step-by-step tutorials that help viewers attain something they are looking for.

As queries are one of the most popular formats of search in the search engines, creating how-to videos can be a great way. This way, you will be able to answer the commonly asked questions by the customers of your industry.

Your customers will come to you whenever they look for information. The best part is that you can now create informative how-to videos using the top whiteboard animation software.

2. Customer Testimonial Videos

Gone are the days when your customers will be sufficed to have a look at the written reviews on your website. They are looking for something where they can believe with their own eyes.

Making use of testimonial videos is one of the best ways to allow your customers to talk about the experience that they had using your service or products. You can create an interview or maybe ask them to create a video that you can edit later with the video editor.

When new customers are able to find the testimonial videos, they tend to gain more trust in your products or service.

Since it comes from the horse’s mouth, it is one of the best ways to create trust among the customers. This is more like providing value to your offerings.

3. Product or Service Explainer videos

Explainer videos are the kind of videos that can lead customers to you. When your buyers are novice about your service or products during the early stages, a good explainer video can be effective.

Illustrating more about your service or products is a way to nurture customers and generate good leads. Creating these types of videos can be a great choice to improve brand awareness.

When you take time to explain a complicated service or product, it tends to help your customers know about you.

One of the biggest potentials that explainer videos have is that they can be shared. When a viewer finds it really effective and they can relate to it, they are going to send it to their own circle with more potential customers.

You have the freedom to create a good overview video without pitching. When viewers understand that it can become effective, chances are more that they would convert into your potential customer. 

4. Livestream Videos

Livestream videos have innumerable benefits. If you are a small business and you have a restricted budget, live stream videos are the best way. Are you worried about a platform that can be effective for live streaming? Facebook is one of the safest bets.

This can be amplified if you already have your company presence, and you can use your page to live stream videos. Remember, live stream videos have the most chances to reach a wider range of people in less time.

Whether you have services to offer or maybe products, you can showcase it using a tripod and phone from where you can start live streaming.

However, you have to pre-plan the things that you want to show in the live stream as you cannot stretch it long. Remember to keep it short to retain your customers.

5. Case Study Videos

Your customers will not start believing you unless you offer something where they can actually see to believe. Giving information to your customers about the way you have offered services that they need is something that builds authority.

You can give multiple case study videos, and later you can end it with a customer testimonial. Again, this is an easy and low-budget video type that can be opted to acquire new and improved customers.

While you are creating the case study video, do not forget to include the Q&A section. Offering an insight into the process and concluding it with customer testimonials can bring great success to the videos.

Since small businesses have a very restricted budget, choosing to create these 5 types of videos can be valuable. This can help businesses get potential customers as videos have improved reach in the market.

If you have not included video marketing in your promotion strategies yet, it is a great time to start now. Using the video creation tool, it can now become easy for you to create these types of video content for your business at a very low budget.

You need to remember that customers’ needs are evolving, and offering something they need and can relate to can bring them to the funnel.

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