5 Ways Commercial Water Parks Can Bring in More Customers

Commercial water parks and similar establishments live or die by the number of customers they get in a month or season. Using technology and business savvy, you can attract more customers with these five strategies.

Group Discounts

Group discounts, as per the name, entice groups of customers such as families and corporate businesses to be customers for the day. Rather than attract single or several customers, why not offer them so you can have more people through the door?

Tap Social Media Channels

As more and more people browse social media not just to see what their friends are up to, but also to find promotions and things to do, it would be unwise not to spend advertising money on it to promote your commercial water park. It doesn’t cost as much as traditional advertising channels, and the return could be tremendous if enough people see it. A sound strategy and the right social media channels equal more customers and more revenue.

Lower Rates

It may not be a good idea to lower the rates permanently just to get more customers. However, when used in line with a promotion you could encourage customers to choose your business instead of someone else’s. Lower prices on off-season days or for a limited time can boost attendance in the short term.


The term ‘promotion’ loosely means a limited-time event to attract new and returning customers. For commercial water parks, this could mean lower rates, freebies, or unlocked premium commercial water park equipment when they buy tickets.

Update Facilities

Give your customers a reason to come and enjoy your water park by updating it with modern features and amenities from reputable splash pad equipment manufacturers. A new ride, theme, or even adding a few restaurants can go a long way towards success.

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