5G is Revolutionizing the Sports Industry

This year, smartphones will start having 5G technology which means faster connections and the possibility of new applications.

The sports industry can benefit from 5G in particular in plenty of ways. Here are just a few examples.


Broadcasting is the best-used case of 5G and has proven to be an excellent medium in terms of creativity and efficiency. Cameras that support 5G are no longer limited to cables and wires, which enables it to cover wider areas.

5G can go along with a sports team and document training, travels and games, as well as post-interviews and fan aspects. Broadcasting companies can save more as the feed can be sent to a central location instead of a truck waiting outside the stadium.

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Fan Engagement

Sports leagues and federations will most likely utilize 5G to drive fan engagement further. Data analysis and collection are already here using current technology, and 5G will make that better. Information sent to media partners will become almost real time with the help of 5G.

Ultra low latency can help in VR, or virtual reality. The National Basketball Association, or NBA seeks to provide an on-court experience for fans across the world using virtual reality headsets, which become possible thanks to 5G.

In-Stadium Connectivity

These days, it’s unthinkable that one goes about without having connectivity in his or her smartphone. It’s the same whether you’re going to the mall, to a restaurant or a sporting event. Fans will want to stay connected while watching a game so they can post tweets or upload photos on their social media for everyone to see.

The integration of 5G makes these actions faster than ever, and less wait time equals a better experience overall.

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