6 Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing

You’ve heard it many times before, but the global pandemic did change the traditional view on where and how we should work. It is no longer mandatory for people across many industries to even be at the workplace as they seem to be doing as good a job while staying home. This is how things are today – you no longer need a team of developers at your office.

So, what are the benefits of outsourcing software development projects aside from it being rather convenient? Let’s see!

Simplified Hiring Process

If you need a team of developers for your project, all you need to do is to choose a proper vendor who can give you that team. Once you’ve found a software development partner who matches your needs, you no longer need to worry about hiring. The vendor gives you a selection of the best developers and you just choose whoever you like.

With a reliable partner, you can focus on other pressing matters and get your team going much faster. You no longer need to spend months and months of your time trying to hunt and hire people – the vendor does that for you and at a much faster rate. Software development companies may deliver teams of developers in as short as two weeks.

Bigger Talent Pool

Since the actual location that your developers work from is no longer a critical concern, you can tap into a much larger talent pool. It might be quite challenging to find and hire developers in countries like the US as the local demand for software developers is extremely high and the supply is low. So, building a team consisting of offshore developers is a reasonable idea.

You can hire people in countries nearby or on the opposite side of the globe in multiple locations. This would allow you to access a much larger number of potential candidates and hire people from different countries. This brings us to further advantages of outsourcing software development to other countries.

You can have your team working wherever you like without losing any efficiency, and that is where the benefits of software outsourcing kick in. Outsourcing your software development project has become a much more lucrative venue as you no longer even need to have a huge team of developers on board. You can effectively rent a full team from a custom software development agency.

Lower Cost

Let’s say your business is located in the US and you need to hire some developers for your project. Be prepared to spend a substantial amount of money because the American developers are some of the highest-paid in the world. What you can do instead, is hire people in Canada, Mexico, or somewhere in Central Europe at a much lower cost.

In the US, the developers would charge you somewhere $160 per hour, and this might go up or down depending on who you hire. In Central Europe, however, you would pay just around $50 per hour, which is considerably lower. Cost reduction is one of the major pros that drives most companies to outsource their projects.

Reducing the cost of development is the main driver that makes companies consider outsourcing in the first place. There are many factors influencing the cost of software development, testing, and programming itself, so you have to keep that in mind. Nonetheless, hiring outside of the US is a much cheaper option in most cases.

Simplified Team Management

Having found a reliable vendor, you also get yourself a partner who helps in creating and managing your team of developers. Basically, if you partner with a good vendor, you can just kick back and have your team working on the project while you tend to other business matters.

Additionally, some of the custom software development companies take care of all the team maintenance concerns. This may include taking care of all the tax expenses, sick leaves, days off, vacations, insurance, even corporate parties, and all that good stuff. So, you do not have to take care of all of those at all. What you would do instead, is focus on the project.


Talking about the inherent advantages of software outsourcing is that it gives you much-needed flexibility, especially if you try to navigate through a dynamic market. It is essential to have some degree of flexibility, and outsourced teams can give it to you.

As your team works on your project, you can come up with new ideas and implement them on the go. Nothing is set in stone, and you can make changes even to a final product if you wish.

Most companies these days lean towards an agile management model, which allows them to make certain iterations to the product on the go. Such flexibility might prove invaluable as your market evolves and changes.

Good Quality

Some of the better software development companies out there can guarantee superb quality of the product as they conduct regular quality checks throughout the development process. You can equip your development team with quality assurance experts who are going to run frequent tests to guarantee a flawless performance of the final product.

Quality assurance is not to be taken lightly because you do not want to release an untested product into the wide world. You must make sure your application is flawless, and that is where quality assurance truly shines.

Wrap Up

Software development outsourcing is quite big now with a global IT outsourcing market expected to grow over $397 billion by 2025. With all the pros listed above, you can probably see why. It is simple, fast, cheap, and efficient. If you are hitting a wall not being able to find the right people for your software development project, outsourcing it overseas might just be the best choice.

With the right software development vendor, you can get your project up and running in a matter of weeks saving yourself loads of time and money.

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