6top Spy Camera technologies you need to know today

Spy cameras have certainly made leaps and bounds when it comes to technology. Before, they’re defined as unobtrusive devices but now come in all shapes, sizes and function. You can rely on these handy devices for surveillance, protection and other uses.

Here are six spy tech features you need to know today.

Concealed. Spy cameras are now so small that they can fit into almost anything. Manufacturers make spy cameras of all kinds, from ballpoint pens, glasses and teddy bears to necklaces and even a wifi bathroom hidden camera.

HD. Spy cameras can now record in HD and have the footage saved into a small storage card. There are even some high-end products that record in 4K for ultra-clarity. Playback quality is also the same- there’s no more grainy or blurry photos or videos.

Wireless. Camera technology is now connected, which means it can be controlled, managed or accessed via Wi-Fi, remote control or 5G mobile, and the video and audio transmission can be sent remotely and automatically.

Battery. The smaller chips are more efficient and allow for newer high-capacity batteries. Depending on what you need, you can get a small, almost hidden spy camera that can record for hours at a time. The batteries can be charged via an adapter so you won’t have to buy AA ones every time.

Mobile. You’ll be able to bring your spy camera anywhere and fit them in any space or room without being too visible or out of place. In some cases, the cameras have electronic limbs, tires or ‘wings’ that allow them to become mobile and track a moving target.

Intelligent. Spy cameras are now smarter than ever. It can evade both stationary and moving objects via collision detection feature similar to an automobile. Durability is improved as these cameras can dodge and evade possible blows and impact that can break them.​​​​​​

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