7 best universities in Australia

If you plan to travel to Australia to continue your studies, you must know which the most outstanding universities are. Academic mobility is an increasingly popular phenomenon among students as it is an excellent means not only to study in the best universities in the world, but also to learn about new places and cultures. Currently, one of the favorite destinations of Latin Americans is Australia, which has large study centers located in places with incredible natural landscapes.

Studying in Australia is becoming more than an attractive idea, in a whole trend. This distant nation offers high-level universities that have the best facilities. It also offers good possibilities for part-time employment, making it possible to work and study, in addition to saving to continue traveling. If you are thinking of spending a season in Australia to study, you have to know which are the most prestigious universities in this nation. Times Higher Education made a list with them, we share seven best universities that lead the ranking so you have one less excuse to start your trip.

1. The University of Sydney

It is the oldest university in Australia, founded in 1850 and is the second largest university in Australia. It is one of the main and most renowned universities in the country, and also throughout Oceania. The central campus, whose architecture is inspired by that of Oxbridge, extends through the suburbs of Camperdown and Darlington, southwest of the central business district of Sydney. In addition, the university includes several other small campuses of other organizations in the last 20 years, such as the Sydney Music Conservatory or the Sydney College of the Arts.

The University of Sydney is a member of the Group of Eight (Australian universities), the Academic Consortium 21, the Association of Universities of the Pacific Rim and the Worldwide Universities Network. It currently has approximately 50,000 students (which includes almost 10,000 foreign students of 147 nationalities), who enjoy a superior academic experience.

It offers the most complete range of university degrees, specializations and individual subject selection from all Australian universities, taught in 16 faculties in eight lots. The fields of study include: agriculture, food and natural resources, architecture, design and planning, humanities, social sciences, dentistry, economics, commerce, education, social assistance, engineering, information technologies, health sciences, law, medicine , music, nursing, obstetrics, pharmacy, science, veterinary and visual arts.

2. Monash University

It is an Australian public university, with campuses in Australia, Malaysia and South Africa. It is the largest university in the country, with approximately 55,000 students. The university has a total of seven campuses: five in Victoria, Australia (Clayton, Caulfield, Berwick, Peninsula and Parkville), one in Malaysia and one in South Africa. It also has a center in Prato, Italy.

The university earned more than $50 million in medical research grants from the Australian National Health Research Council (NHMRC) and also dominates the awards granted by this entity, earning a quarter of the total in 2007. The university is host from the Monash Science Technology Research and Innovation Precinct (STRIP), the Australian Stem Cell Research Center, 100 research centers from different disciplines and 17 cooperative research centers.

It owes its name to Sir John Monash, a leading general and Australian leader. One of his most famous phrases is written along a path between the Robert Blackwood Hall and the Performing Arts Center on the Clayton campus: “Adopt as your fundamental creed what equips you for life, not just for your own benefit , but for that of your entire community. ”

It is ranked as one of the 100 best universities in the world (according to the QS and Times Higher Education ranking) with one of its multiple scholarships (both partial and total), exclusively for foreign students.

Monash International Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship exempts you by 100% of the program costs (does not include maintenance, medical insurance or transportation) until you complete the minimum number of credits to obtain your degree. There are 4 scholarships available and to access them you must make an application separately (according to deadlines throughout the year). Scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. You must also maintain a high academic average to maintain the scholarship throughout your studies.

Monash International Merit Scholarship

This scholarship exempts you from AUD 10,000 in program costs, which are paid for each year that passes as you complete the minimum number of credits to reach your degree, for a maximum of 5 years. There are 31 scholarships available. To access them you must make an application separately (according to deadlines throughout the year). Scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. You must also maintain a high academic average to maintain the scholarship throughout your studies.

3. University of Melbourne

This university, located in the city of Melbourne, Victoria, has seven campuses in total, the Parkville campus being the main one. In this university, professors are renowned researchers and industry leaders recognized globally for their outstanding achievements. The university’s academic staff also includes business, government and community leaders, as well as Nobel Prize winners and Rhodes Scholars.

It is also associated with important international organizations, so it works closely with major universities around the world and is a member of Universitas 21 and the Association of Universities in the Pacific Zone. It enjoys more than 200 alliances in 45 countries.

The University of Melbourne has an outstanding reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Independently published world rankings consistently qualify her as a leader in higher education in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region.

4. The University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales (abbreviated UNSW) is a university field located in the city of Sydney, Australia. Considered as one of the most important universities in the country, founded in 1949 and has approximately 53,481 students.

The main campus is located in the eastern part of the Kensington neighborhood consisting of supermarkets, gym, bars, banks, restaurants, two libraries, travel office, clothing store, bookstore, ophthalmological clinic, pharmacies, etc.

The University has residences and apartments to accommodate its students. The residences are located on the university campus and are indicated for undergraduate students. The apartments offer a more independent way of life and some are off-campus, so they are recommended for graduate students and recent undergraduate courses.

Regardless of the type of accommodation chosen, all place requests must be made through the UNSW Residential Communities portal well in advance.

If you want to find something on your own or you have not achieved anything at the university facilities, you can rent an apartment in the private rental market. These tend to be more expensive than university accommodation and it takes a long time to find something that is good so it is advisable to look in advance before trying to enter the university campus.

5. The University of Queensland

It is located in Brisbane, state of Queensland. Founded in 1909, it is the oldest and largest university in Queensland. He is a founding member of the international group Universitas 21.

It has three campuses: Saint Lucia on the banks of the Brisbane River, where medical studies are mostly carried out; Gatton, headquarters of the Faculty of Natural Resources, Agriculture and Veterinary Science; Ipswich headquarters of art, business and social science schools.

6. Australian National University

The Australian National University (ANU), is a University located in the suburb of Acton in Canberra, the federal capital of Australia. Several different and independent indexes indicate that the ANU is the leading university in Australia and the southern hemisphere.

The ANU has a particularly high level of research and is one of the members of the Group of Eight, the Association of Pacific Rim Universities and the exclusive group of the International Alliance of Research Universities.

Among the famous academics who have been part of the ANU, are Sir Howard Florey, who received the Nobel Prize in 1945 for his research on the production and applications of penicillin, and John Eccles, who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1963 for their research and studies in the central nervous system in mammals.

International students wishing to study a degree at ANU must meet the standard admission requirements of the programs and also demonstrate sufficient proficiency in English, usually with the IELTS or TOEFL exams.

Postgraduate courses

Admission for postgraduate programs will depend on the course chosen and its specific conditions and requirements. However, the procedure to request admission is the same. First of all you should look for the description of the course to know the requirements and deadlines for admission. Next, you must complete the online application, pay the registration fees and attach all the required additional documents specified in the course description.

The University guarantees accommodation in one of its residences to undergraduate students, but not to graduate students, who can apply for a place equally, but their award will depend on availability. To request a place in these residences you must complete an online application on the university website. In it, you can choose the residence in which you prefer to live and your decision will be taken into account, but no student is guaranteed that their place will be in the chosen facility.

7. University of Adelaide

It is an Australian public university with a university campus in the city of Adelaide, in South Australia. It was founded in 1874, and is the third oldest university in Australia. It has produced 5 Nobel prizes, 101 Rhodes awards and is a member of the Group of Eight, as well as Sandstone universities.

Its campus is located on the North Terrace cultural boulevard in the city center, next to the Art Gallery of South Australia, the Museum of South Australia and the State Library of South Australia. The university also has four other campuses in the state: Roseworthy College in Roseworthy; the Waite Institute in Urrbrae; the Adelaide University Research Park in Thebarton; and the National Wine Center in Adelaide Park Lands, and a campus in Singapore.

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