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7 Tips for Dogs with Sensitive Stomach

Indigestion is the most common issue with dogs and if you have one at home then you would have noticed it many times. The common symptoms for indigestion and sensitive stomach are Vomiting, Flatulence and Diarrhoea.  Most of the breeds that face this issue are Scottish Terriers and Yorkshire Terrier. If your dog is facing issues with a sensitive stomach then the first step that you take is to reassess its diet. The major causes for a sensitive stomach could be stress, dietary allergies and cancer. Some of the dogs also face the issues of a sensitive stomach due to difficulty in meal digestion, intake of filler ingredients as well as a high-fat food. A sensitive stomach can cause frequent stools with occasional blood present in it. In some severe cases, the dog can experience electrolyte imbalance, lost nutrients and dehydration.

If your dog is facing issues with a sensitive stomach then the very first step that you need to take is to start from 0 with its diet. Make sure its diet does not consist of any filler or any ingredients which could create issues with digestion. According to the experts, a proper digestible hypoallergenic food could help in a great way with the sensitive stomach issue. You can find these pet supplies online that provide you with the variety of dog food. Apart from this, there are other things which you need to look out for for your dog’s sensitive stomach issue.

Choose the Right Protein

Protein is considered the most important part of your dog’s diet but some of the dog’s face sensitivity issues due to protein. Hence most dog owners prefer a low protein diet for their dogs. Generally, a low protein diet is prescribed for dogs who have kidney issues. There are various protein-rich foods available in the market for sensitive stomach issues. These foods contain highly digestible protein which is easy on their stomach.

A therapeutic Diet

Therapeutic diet is specially designed for dogs who have got sensitive stomach issues. This diet is backed by a lot of clinical and scientific research. Though this diet is expensive, it can help to treat various health issues of dogs such as stomach related diseases, allergies and kidney diseases. This diet generally contains highly digestible carbohydrates and high-quality protein. 

Hydrolysed Diets

Hydrolysed diet is generally prescribed to those who could not go for standard novel protein or another sort of diet. The Hydrolysed diet focuses on protein supplement and helps your dog to save from stomach issues.

Look for Protein Allergies

Some of the dog’s high digestive protein supplements alone could not solve the issue as they possess the protein allergies issue. According to the medical experts, the dog’s white cells are located in the digestive systems and these are known as an integral part of its defence system. These white cells help to protect the dog from any kind of health issues and diseases. If the dog is allergic to the protein and if it could not break down the protein during the digestion process then the remaining parts of it accumulate in the intestinal systems which can trigger the defence system of your dog.

Look for Healthy Immune Function

While buying the dog food or planning the diet for your dog make sure it contains a good amount of minerals and vitamins. The diet should be well balanced with all the required nutrients. An intaking good number of antioxidants would help to reduce the inflammatory responses and increase the good gut bacteria as well as enterocytes.

Check for Omega 3s Supplement

If you are looking for overall health and a good coat structure for your dog then nothing can beat the intake of Omega 3s supplements. The regular intake of Omega 3s polyunsaturated fatty acids has been proven to be effective for the overall health of the digestive system of your dog. You would find various fish oil supplements for dogs that could be effective for stomach issues and overall health.

Choose the right Dog Food for a Sensitive Stomach

You would find a lot of variety for the dog foods in the market but here you would need to choose the one which is specially prepared for sensitive stomach issues. Here you can check with your animal health experts to select the right one as per your dog’s condition.

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