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8 Proven Tricks to Stay Focused and Improve Concentration

It may happen very often that you seem to put in all your efforts into your days but nothing comes out. You feel exhausted because you feel like having accomplished nothing despite having made your day into a long, long journey. You’re not alone!

Staying focussed all the time can be a bit difficult. More so when you’re at home, where comfort is the actual priority, or when you get to work and are feeling lazy already. The diverse sources of entertainment that we have in our hands are quite a reason, providing us with a variety of distractions – social networking, OTT platforms, RPGs, etc. – to bide our time with. All of these, and a lot of other things, make our days feel smaller and smaller by the minute. So, there’s a good chance you’re looking for a solution.

Dr. William Henderson, a physician and health consultant at Hisblue recommends the use of the nootropic Modalert 200 mg or Waklert 150 mg, depending on your preference or your doctor’s, and with proper consultation. Before that, however, we also have the following tricks which are sure to help you without any medications:

1. Choose Cardio Over Caffeine

This doesn’t mean you just have to throw your coffee mugs in the bin. Reduce the amount of your daily, and weekly, caffeine intake so as to keep your heart valves healthy and yourself not dependent upon something to keep you active.

While reducing coffee, also plan some exercises – preferably aerobic exercises – since those can be healthier and more effective stimulants in comparison to caffeine. Daily exercises have even been understood to sharpen focus as a result of the release of chemicals that they induce in the brain. The very chemicals have been proven to affect your attention span, learning, and memory.

2. Find a Sound Environment that Works for You

The element of the environment is like a thing, it weighs heavily on your mental state – so, don’t have it be too negative. A sound environment is something that guarantees peace and comfort. Now, because it’s also about preference, the environment I love being in might not be the one for you, and so, choose carefully. Once you’re there, you’ll know, and it will boost up how you look at yourself.

3. Practise Mindfulness

Practising mindfulness and meditation has proved to amply beneficial, with improved concentration being only one of the many results. A review done in 2011 (of 23 studies) found satisfactory evidence to conclude that mindfulness training could help boost our focus and attention span. Moreover, it is also understood that mindfulness can improve a variety of our cognitive abilities, including memory.

Now, meditation doesn’t just imply being in the act of sitting quietly with eyes closed, it has a lot to do with reducing stress and strengthening the brain’s ability to focus. Numerous activities, including deep breathing and yoga, can assist you in meditating, and keeping a clear head. Moreover, meditation practice has also been known to boost one’s mood, increase one’s intelligence, and make one more resilient to staying on the right path in case of unforeseen interruptions.

4. Drink Black Tea (Instead of Coffee)

While coffee actually does boost your performance and efficiency, because of getting used to a certain amount of caffeine every day, it tends to stop responding and needs more to keep you just as focussed. This is terrible because it expresses your physical dependence on caffeine. So, black tea might become quite an alternative for you if you try it sometime.

Studies have reported the presence of theanine, an amino acid, in tea – more in black tea than in matcha and green tea. This amino acid, which is present only in tea, has been known to give one ‘laser’ focus. It also helps you to feel calmer and increases relaxation. Theanine works with caffeine and synchronizes our brain activity that is generally related to the process of information processing, observation, and attention. To add to it all, compared to coffee, this amino acid gives you better alertness for the day, even though it may have just as much caffeine in a cup as coffee does in a mug.

5. Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Taking care of beverages is quite easy in comparison to the care that our meals require. It is easier to miss a few things here because your plate now has more things at once. However, it might be that even after sitting with a full and almost colorful, you end up missing some essential things. As a result, you are still hungry, and you don’t live fully. This is termed as hidden hunger.

Hidden hunger is a lack of the essential compounds that are vitamins and minerals. This happens when people’s food quality doesn’t meet their nutritional requirements. Now, because we need these missing micronutrients – the vitamins and minerals – for growth and development, the result can be unsatisfactory and the growth stunted. This, as you must understand, affects every element of our daily lives. Eating a balanced diet can help avoid hindered growth. Get in touch with a medical practitioner or a nutritionist to plan the right meal for yourself. Any form of growth as a result of this will help you with better concentration.

6. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Good sleep has always been a key to good health, and so has a walk in the park. Being in green spaces has been known to give a boost to one’s liveliness. For this reason, it is often recommended that you walk in the park in the morning, before breakfast, and at night, after dinner as it gives you the much-needed freshness to begin or to end your day with. Getting outside also helps declutter your mental space, which is necessary for all of us, every once in a while.

7. Practise Pomodoro

In the simplest terms, the Pomodoro technique is a proper method to keep distractions away. It is made up of short, feasible working periods with short, equivalent amounts of breaks in between to keep you from getting tired every now and then.

Research has proved that disconnecting yourself from work every now and then helps the mind get enough rest and get prepared to work further. This technique, devised by the developer, entrepreneur, and author Francesco Cirillo, works accordingly on your body to improve your focus and, therefore, productivity by breaking your efforts down into short intervals of time; this helps your brain attain peak performance throughout the day, as opposed to what happens when you work long, tireless hours.

8. Keep Work at Work

As mentioned above, taking a break every once in a while is an important step to improve your productivity, but is that it? No! Keeping your work at work is just as necessary. Our home is meant to be a peaceful environment where you don’t have to bear the burden of the world. Bringing the world inside contaminates your home environment, which is unhealthy and can be quite tedious, and negative. For this reason, it is advised that it’s best to keep your work away from where you rest.

However, if these ways still seem insufficient, there’s always the option of using an assistant or two. Get in touch with your doctor and ask them about being able to use Modalert 200 mg or Waklert 150 mg pills, which all our sleep therapists quite prefer. Understand the methods and the doctor’s recommendations, follow them and you’re sure to stay fresh and un-tired all day long.

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