9 Reasons Why You Should Have a Help Desk Ticketing Software

Help Desk Ticketing Software is the need of the hour. Don’t believe me?

Well, I will give you 9 reasons why. But that’s for later. Let’s start with the basics. A Help Desk Ticketing Software or Help Desk is a software that can be used to ease customer support for organizations. Help Desks allow you to handle customer support requests more efficiently and increase the value of your products and your brand.

How do Help Desks work?

When a customer has a complaint, query or requires assistance, they send you an email at your support email address. That support email then connects to your Help Desk to generate a ticket. Help Desks are automated, and the tickets are then assigned to customer support personnel in your organization.

Help Desk, however, isn’t just a ticketing software. They are an evolution of ticketing system. While the major role of a ticketing software is to generate tickets, a help desk does quite a bit more than that. They are reason enough for you to have your own ticketing software. So, keeping that in mind, here are 9 reasons why you should have a Help Desk Software.

1. They Allow You to Track Customer Issues: Customer support is a very important activity. Often, customer support is a part of your organization’s value proposition. A time-consuming part of dealing with customer issues is tracking their progress. This is where the Help Desk comes in. A Help Desk allows you to track customer issues and keep a record of them automatically. This ensures that both the customer and the agent dealing with them have a grasp of the problem.

2. It is Fast:  Help Desks are blindingly fast. Due to their excellent tracking feature on top of their automated ticketing system, Help Desk is 5 times as fast as manual customer support. This saves them a lot of time in the long run.

3. Scaling Up is Easy: When organizations grow, their customer support must grow with it to accommodate the increasing demand. Traditionally, growing customer support was expensive due to the cost of infrastructure, manpower, and resources.

4. Improved Communication: Proper communication is a critical element of customer support system. With a proper Help Desk, it becomes easier to communicate with customers. It is also highly efficient and can be standardized. The improvement in communication also makes problem-solving easier.

5. Cost Efficient: Help Desk is extremely cost-efficient and can help you save a lot of money. With one Help-Desk software, you can have a nearly infinite number of customer support personnel ready to go.

6. Prioritization: One less talked about feature of Help Desk is the ability to prioritize tasks. With a Help Desk, you can decide the priority of a customer problem and dedicate resources to them accordingly. This simple yet unique feature makes sure that the important problems aren’t bogged down by a slow-moving customer response system.

7. Customization: Help Desks are highly customizable. Unlike legacy systems of old times, most help desk have a variety of customization options. The latest help desk software in the market allow each customer support executive to customize their helpdesk according to their own requirements.

8 Seamless Convenience: From a user’s point of view, Help Desks are extremely convenient solutions. Research has shown that most customers do not like to talk to a person on the phone and prefer communication through. A help desk is a very convenient solution to this problem. In addition, help desks are highly efficient which means that customers get their solutions within good time.

9. 24*7 Support: Help Desks can provide 24*7 support to customers. 24*7 customer support ensures that users all around the world can tap into your customer support network and get the help they need when they need it.

Those were 9 reasons why Help Desk are such great software for your organization. Before we end this blog however, I would like to recommend to you a Help Desk Software. Appy Pie is launching a new help desk ticketing software very soon. Including all the features of traditional help desk software, Appy Pie brings to the table some new things.

They include omnichannel support, in built automation and a self-serving knowledge base to provide a complete ticketing and customer support solution. The software is called Appy Pie Desk. Another revolutionary feature of Appy Pie Desk is the Community feature with which you can create a forum-like interface for your support executives and existing customers. With this, they can solve their problems like in a traditional forum. The access to this community is up to you.

Appy Pie Desk’s greatest advantage is its newness to the market. Unlike older legacy help desk software, Appy Pie has the advantage of being able to adapt the newer APIs and integration. It lacks the bugs that are created on integration with older legacy software. The Desk also has an excellent analytics system that can get you the most accurate reports on ticket volumes, agent performance, and other key support metrics.

Currently, in its beta, it could become one of the leading Help Desk software in the near future. Do check it out! Appy Pie also has other cool software including a one-of-a-kind App Building software.


Help Desk software alongside Knowledge Base and Live Chat are the holy trinity of modern customer support. Businesses having all three consistently report satisfying numbers for customer support. Avoiding even one of them can reflect poorly in the positive rating for your software.

Get yourself a help desk software today!

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