Leaked Images for Google Pixel 4 XL Revealed with Large Camera and compared with Galaxy Note 10+

Google Pixel 4 leaks are introduced almost every day from the gaming reviews to the hands-on images you can find almost everything about them online. Recently some new images for Google Pixel 4 XL were launched which showed the white variant of the smartphone. It revealed some key specifications of the phone. A comparison of the camera of Google Pixel 4 XL and Galaxy Note 10+ was revealed recently. There is also a new device named ‘needlefish’ which is rumored to be Google Pixel 4 XL 5G device.

The images come from a phone seller in Vietnam with name D Store Mobile via The Verge. There are about 21 images in total which shows the hardware and software specification of the mobile. It confirms all the details mentioned in the previous leaks and the camera aperture of Google Pixel 4 XL is slightly larger than Pixel 3 which means it will provide brighter images.

The default image ratio in Pixel 4 will be 16:9 as compared to the previous one 4:3. There are few images shared by Slashleaks for Pixel for where you can see the image alongside iPhone XR and Oppo Reno phones.

The camera comparison video of Pixel 4 and Galaxy, not 10 is from Vietnamese YouTube channel from Relab who posted the gaming review video. The picture quality of Pixel 4 tends to be more realistic. For video recording, Galaxy Note 10+ has superiority over Pixel 4.

In Geekbench listing, first spotted by Gizchina, it revealed that Pixel 4 XL will launch a 5G version of the phone that will have 8GB of RAM. A codename “Needlefish ” came across which is rumored to be among a Pixel Watch. Pixel  4a, a new pixel series tablet or something similar. You can find various camera features as XDA developers unearthed more features.

Google Assistant UI Redesign and Good Smart Screenshots features Along with Lens Integration

Google is working on bringing something new to its users in the Google Assistant. The latest  Google Apk version 10.61 has provided some tips to the upcoming features with the smart screenshot and the integration of the Google lens. It will help the users to search the screenshots using the google lens. The company might also be planning to change the pill-shaped suggestions.

A teardown of Google app version 10.61 by 9to5Google, provide information about the work in progress of Smart Screenshots. When you take a screenshot then you will get multiple options to choose from. You can get cropping or pen-shaped button to edit the image. There is also a share button which will help you to directly share the image on social media. The Google lens provides optical character recognition which will help you to find similar items.

Photo Credit: 9to5Google

The sharing button will show you the option of the most used social media platform for sharing. While it’s still not clear if the option is available for the screenshots for the system or within search. Currently, there is no information about when this feature will go live.

A new design for the Google Assitant suggestions was also tipped off to 9to5Google. When you start using Goog assistant it shows your suggestion in a pill-shaped box at the bottom but the design is going to be changed. This is because due to the pill shape design you can only see two option and the new design will provide you more options. The new circular design can provide you up to four suggestions.

This feature is in the early phase of development and the exact date or time of launch is not known. The listed suggestion does not change when using the application.

Amidst the Huge US Audience, Tiktok might get Censorship in Beijing

When you search for #honkong on twitter, then you can check out the protests going Hongkong and many other regions. There are various sympathetic memes and pictures of the protest and police crackdowns which shows you how series the situation is.

If you check the same search on the TikTok app which was launched in the US and has gone viral will show you different results. TikTok is a Beijing based tech app which is used to create playing selfies, singalongs, food photos, and various entertainment acts. When you see the results you can see how it help the Chinese government to make it convenient for them politically.

TikTok enjoys immense successful and becomes quite popular in the US. For teens to make flashy and funny videos and enjoy popularity on their video is quite a successful venture. It has more than 110 million downloads in the US and China most successful social media app with over 1.3 billion users around the world. Not only teens but many celebrities are also joining TikTok which help in making it much more popular. TikTok is also named amongst the most downloaded app for the last  18 months.

Some researchers are also worried that the information can be used to bring censorship to the program. The parent company of TikTok, ByteDance said that a US-based team will handle the censorship on the program and it won’t have any influence on the censorship.

While there is no clarity on the type of video being censored on TikTok but the decisions about it are made on several factors. Hate speech and extremism is not allowed on the social media platform. There are various popular hashtags used by protestors on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube which is not available on TikTok concerning the censorship.

Account Takeover Bug Found in Uber is Fixed which Found by an Indian Researcher

Uber is a global success for cab ride business but recently there was a bug discovered in the Uber app by an Indian researcher. Anand Prakash, an Indian researcher found out a bug which lets hackers log into anyone’s Uber Account.

For the help, Uber has given a reward to him and paid Prakash $6,500 which is about Rs 4.6 lakh. This reward was to report this bug to Uber which helps them to improve their customer experience and safety on their platform.

Prakash provides complete details about the bug which lets hackers take over the accounts on Uber. Inc42 reported, the accounts for Uber eats and partners can also be taken over in by using the help of this bug.

From Prakash’s blog, it was revealed that the bug was present in the API request function of the Uber app. By using the help of this bug the hackers can take over the account of the users including riders, eats, and partners. By providing UUID from the API requests, you can generate a leaked token which is generated in response to hijack the account. It can be used to create any users UUID by using their phone number and email address.

Due to this, the hacker can track your location the number of rides and also information about your account. This will also let them take over the Uber driver and eats accounts.

By using the help of Uber’s bug bounty program it was fixed quickly. They have paid more than $2M dollars to researchers around the world in order to protect their platform. The top researchers from India are also a part of this development. Prakash also helped to remove a bug from Uber which let a person to use Uber cab free for lifetime.

500 Jobs Created in Germany By Amazon Web Services

Amazon announced that it is creating 500 new jobs in Germany by opening an office in Munich. It will help in showcasing the clients the importance of cloud company and how it can help Europe’s Largest Economy.

AWS, the technology created on which Amazon’s eCommerce platform works is getting more popular day by day in Germany. But after the privacy concerns from the manufacturing firms, they started to keep their servers on the website.

Klaus Buerg, General manager of AWS in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany said, due to these types of constraining, behaviors, and habits in the past time, they are following instead of taking the lead.

AWS received the certification for the cloud computing services Germany’s cybersecurity authority. It will help in providing assurance to the users that your data and information are safe online. Some people have the misconception that data hosted from remote servers on another country might be misused but this will help in providing you assurance.

AWS is partnering up with Boston consulting group and creating a showroom in the Munich Office. In the Digital Builders showroom, they will demonstrate the opportunities of using the application to the clients. This will help in providing clarity about these services to ensure that all the clients can take a smart decision.

By taking help from Siemens, it is also setting up a demonstration of software which will help in providing details about the cloud computing services. This way it will be easier to understand the importance of using cloud computing services in manufacturing automation.

The jobs announced at AWS are the part of already announced 2,800 jobs in Germany by Amazon. It will be spread according to all the research units in Germany declared by Berg.

A Decade-Old Disappearance Mystery Solved By Using the Help of Google

After getting several drinks at a local night club, William Earl Moldt contacted his girlfriend that he will be home soon.

Moldt, a 40-year man who worked as a mortgage broker, usually avoids drinking but in November 1997 he went ahead for some drinks. He did not talk to anyone in the club at Lantana, Florida and then went back in 1994 White Saturn SL around 11 pm and does not look drunk.

On that day he did not return and for 22 years he is still missing and his whereabouts are not known. Until one day when someone looked closely on Google Earth picture from the satellite.

A car submerged in the corner of a pond in Wellington, Florida a car was there which has been in the water for a long time. Inside the car, the remainder of Moldt were found according to the County Sheriff’s Office.

The vehicle was visible from the Google Earth since 2007 but no one noticed it until 2019 when a property surveyor notices the care and reported it.

On 28th August the remains of Moldt’s body were found in the car. After a drone inspection of the site and found the car, the resident immediately informed the cops.

After that investigators towed the care from the pond and then send it to the medical examiner. Barry Fay, the person whose house war behind the car said that his night ex-husband noticed the care of Google earth and then as a night to use a drone over the area.

When the car was confirmed by them, they reported the sheriff office. During the time of disappearance of Moldt, the complex was under construction. Wellington and Lantana are about 20 miles long and the mystery of his cars submergence remains unsolved.

Benchmark Results Confirm that iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max has 4GB Ram

After the recent launch of the iPhone 11 series, there have been various reports and tests of the phone. The phones recently undergo AnTuTu benchmarking tests. The tests were to determine various features of the phone and it shows that iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max all have 4GB of ram. While the company does not clear the ram variation in the phone and it was rumored to be 6GB but the latest test revels that it has 4GB ram. It also reveals that iPhone 11 Pro Max will support 512GB internal storage along with 4GB ram.

AnTuTu also shares the results for the benchmark of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max on the Weibo website. All the scores for the performance of the smartphone were quite close to each other. The iPhone 11 runs on A13 Bionic Chip. From the base models to top models all of them support 4GB rams options.

The scores for iPhone 11 Pro Max were 462098, iPhone 11 scored 456655, and iPhone 11 Pro has a score of 455452. According to the benchmarking site, the iPhone 11 series showed 28% improvement in its performance from its previous versions when compared to its previous model iPhone XS which costs around Rs 89,900. All the things like CPU, GPU, MEM, and UX see improvement in its performance.

The newly launched models of iPhone, iPhone 11 Pro will cost you about Rs 99,900, iPhone 11 Pro Max will have a starting price of Rs. 1,09,900 and iPhone 11 will be available Rs. 64,900. All the models of the phone are going on sale on 27th September. The phone has a unique dual and triple camera setup and also has a wide notch for selfie sensor. It will run on the latest iOS 13.

Teams of Microsoft Brings 8 Indian Language for Desktop, Mobile Devices, Web Clients Add New Hindi Support

According to the teams at Microsoft, it now has started to support eight languages from India which are Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil. This language support is available on the latest version of Microsoft Teams mobile app. The Redmond company wants to add “strong” support on web clients and desktop for Hiding to get the attention of professionals from India. This will help the users to get get the help of Artificial Intelligence for translation for the team chats.

Microsoft teams also include stickers in the Hindi in order to make the conversations more engaging. A localized Hindi interface system is available for the teams to converse their work communication. The Microsoft notes that all its words re simple and popular Hindi works without the use of hard Sanskrit ones.

By taking the help of AI, the Microsoft teams are providing real-time translation services for the chats and users can translate the test to Hindi and another language. It also includes a feature in which the app will read out the message for the user.

Microsoft teams app brings a local interface for Android and iOS systems which will add more than eight Indian languages. The language on the device will be the default language for the app but the users get the settings option to change it however you want. This new development will help the teams and improve their teamwork.

Recently in July, Microsoft shows that teams surpassed the mark of 13 million daily active users. The app also supports more than 52 language and available in more than 1812 markets around the world to counter its rival Slack which has more than 10 million daily active users.

18 New Originals Announced By Zomato with Sanjeev Kapoor, Jordindian, Sumukhi Suresh, More

While the number of online streaming apps is already quite high and Zomato is another one to its list which just announced 18 more shows to its name. From September 16th, Monday tomato is going to launch news shows in the upcoming three months. It was paired with celebrity chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor, Kautuk Srivastava, Naser Al Azzeh, Anchor Janice Sequeira, and comedians Sumukhi Suresh, Shail Shah. The shows are mostly shot in the verticle format which is most suited for the mobile. Zomato Originals might get the attention of its users due to its unique shows. All the shows of Zomato Original will revolve around food.

Only six of eighteen shows are announced till not from Zomato. All these eighteen shows will be launched until the end of the year. There will be a daily 3-minute show named Food and You with Sanjeev Kapoor. In this show, the celebrity chef will share his knowledge of cooking and also break some myths about certain food items. Another show named Sorry Meals with Janice, Sequeira will visit various Bollywood stars like Rajkumar Raod, Aditi Rao Hydari, Tapsee Pannu, Diana Penty, and Pandey Family.

All the six shows will range from 6-15 minutes of time and you can watch Zomato Originals without any troubles. From Monday a new video tab will be available on the Zomato app which you can check out on your mobile. The video app will replace the sneak peek app and you can watch the recipes and shows. Zomato said that after its launch on Monday it will have more than 2000 videos on its platforms. So if you like to order food from Zomato then you might be interested in it. These food shows might increase your appetite and you will order a variety of food items.

To Settle A Tax Fraud in France Google to Pay $1 Billion

The United States Giant Google has agreed on paying a sum of EUR 945 million ($1 billion) to put an end to a tax dispute in France after getting an agreement from the court this Thursday. The company will be paying a sum of EUR 500 million for the tax evasion and after the EUR 645 million for the settlement claims with the French Tax Authorities.

A settlement from Google confirmed that the company wants to put an end to the difference it has with the authorities in France for the past several years. The settlement is an out of court agreement which is similar to Italy and Britain which google settle in recent years. Although the agreement this time is much larger as compared to the previous ones.

Now Google wants to make sure that it properly coordinate with the reforms of the international tax system to avoid any future issues. This definitive settlement is welcomed by the French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet and Budget Minister Gerald Darmanin. The settlement was a result of hard work of authorities of France for more than two years.

The outcome will surely be good news for the public finances and promotes fairness in France. It also shows that French authorities have the tools at their disposal which will provide an equitable tax system.

This settlement will be remembered in history for the public finances and also marks the end of the era. After dealing with the Google situation will surely provide relief to people who asked for fairness.

The Frech President Emmanuel Macron said that he and American President Trump has come to an agreement on the taxation system but the details needed to be worked out. S The international tax system needs to be discussed among the 134 countries.