A generalization of limit for arbitrary function discovered

Could there be a new concept in infinitesimal calculus in relation to the limit of discontinuous function?

One person discovered a generalization of limit for an arbitrary function- something that can completely change the way we think about the derivative and the integral of an arbitrary function.

The fact is, infinitesimal calculus has birthed the modern engineering, economics and science we are enjoying today. When studying calculus, you study change, which occurs every day and all around us.

However, for the longest time the use of infinitesimals did not receive the attention it needs due to mathematical rigor, more specifically how to properly treat them.

AGT, or algebraic general topology is a generalization of general topology that allows mathematicians and students to express abstract objects in algebraic operations. To do this, you will need proofs, theorems and definitions within the field.

Using AGT will help revolutionize the current mindset when it comes to limit of discontinuous function, equation and integration. Research method is simplified, and its application can be brought to fields such as physics, economics and engineering.

Mathematical nondifferentiable analysis and discontinuity go hand in hand. In a way, discontinuous calculus can generalize limits and come up with definitions for non-differentiable solutions regarding differential equations.

In his book, Victor Porton uncovers the limitations of discontinuous function and comes up with ways on how to use generalized limits to help form solutions. Inside, generalized limits show excellent algebraic properties and the mathematical research monograph is outlined in a way that everyone can easily understand its contents.

The studybook’s content can change the way you think about the limit of discontinuous function. The author has included equations, theories and variables, basically everything one might need to begin solving concepts at a relatively low complexity level.

If there’s a book that can give you crucial new information about general arbitrary function, this is it- a read-through can reinforce how you see generalized limits and its powerful algebraic properties. Make sure to consider the fact that it can open up a whole new world in terms of discontinuous calculus.

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