All You Need to Know About CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an online multiplayer game that mostly consists of elements like first-person shooter, and team-work. Commonly referred to as CSGO, and published by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment it was released as the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series, following 3 other games right from the year 1999.

Players are often rewarded at the end of each match. The rewards can be as small as a rise in their level or rank or rare and legendary drops. CSGO consists of a lot of modes for playing the game, but competitive stands out the most. Here, 5 players on the terrorist side, and 5 players on the Counter-terrorists side go against each other in several rounds. 


CSGO had introduced this feature in the year 2016 as a way to provide players better service and overall experience with a small payment of $14.99 or attaining Level 21. Prime has many benefits including better drops, fewer chances of going against hackers, and several other things. But it also protects you against auto-aim bots and other illegal software players may use to ruin your overall experience in the game.

Keep in mind that Prime doesn’t ensure you will be free from hackers entirely, but it certainly does help and its an advantage overall to get CSGO Prime Accounts.

CSGO Ranked Accounts and Ranking System:

The ranking system is not something that Valve or Hidden Path Entertainment reveals very openly, as it is part of their software, but we can know a little bit from patterns. In the simplest of words, we increase rank if you win in competitive matches, and you decrease rank if you lose. 

You are allowed into competitive matches/ranked matches when you reach level 2 and get yourself CSGO Ranked Accounts.

After 10 wins, based on your performance, you will be given one of the 18 ranks in-game. While in a certain rank, you will only be matched with people in the same rank range, or 5 ranks higher or 5 ranks lower. 

Depending on your play-style, and how well you perform, apart from the fact if you win or lose, you will have the chance to rise to greater and better ranks, or you will succumb to lower ones. 


Countless alternatives exist to CSGO, but few can compare. 20 million players monthly, 30+ weapons, 700+ skins, and I haven’t even started! CSGO is the perfect example of what an extraordinary game can do to players like you and me. Join us today! 

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