An e sim can 10x save your money on cellular bills

The first mobile phones didn’t have a SIM card at all. The cellular operators programmed phones before the sale so that they can only work on the chosen network. All communication information was stored on the device. Just like with a modern e sim!

But first mobile phone users did not have the opportunity to change the number and operator. And now they can! With a modern e sim, it is possible to change 10 mobile operators in one day. Without visiting their physical offices of them!

Mobile operator offices and shops are no longer needed — that is how e sim can cheapen your cellular bills.

An e sim features that have changed our lives

All online

Since e sim is just a data set, users have the opportunity to quickly change the SIM card and operator. You don’t have to go to the store to do this. An e sim can be issued over the Internet — for instance from ESIM+.

An e sim will cheapen bills

Remote connection of the tariff plan opens the way for so-called “virtual operators”. These companies do not need to maintain numerous points of sale and spend money on physical chips. This means that they will also offer connection services at more favorable prices.

The journey begins from an e sim

Before traveling, you can already connect your smartphone to the cellular operator of the destination point. In the phone settings, you just need to change the profile. Firstly, travelers will appreciate this opportunity. Just download the app, choose a traffic package and use it when you go somewhere.

More about this: With e sim, you just choose where you will have a connection

Each e sim service has different ways, but here is our example – e sim Plus

 here you can select from more than 133 countries. Naturally, the conditions in each of them will be different, but when you decide on the traffic package, you will be told in which other countries it will be possible to use Internet access under the same conditions. This is convenient when, for example, you are moving from one country to another within Europe or going on a tour of Asia. There are even special packages, for example, Internet in the EU, North/South America, or Asia.

Easy device change

e sim is one of the most convenient devices today. If a user changes his gadget or smartphone frequently or just regularly, and also if this user has several working devices with different SIM, then using esim can organize the process of the devices differently.

Complete safety of smartphone in case of loss

With esim, it is impossible to lose control over your device: the chip cannot be physically removed from the smartphone. This means that a built-in SIM card in a gadget protected by a password, a graphic key, or biometric authentication is a new level of security.

Two operators in one device

The purchased traffic package is completely independent of your usual operator: you will be able to avoid excessive charges for using the Internet abroad and at the same time use your current phone number.

How does embedded sim work?

The virtual sim card connects to the local networks of mobile operators. An e sim cards from e sim plus works in more than 133 countries, so you can easily connect to the fast Internet while traveling.

An e sim plus does not require a contract. You can extend the traffic package to virtual sim card at any time: it takes no more than five minutes to replenish the package or change the tariff.

The complexity of virtual SIM technology implementation

The introduction of e sim technology is perceived ambiguously by providers because when it is implemented, the usual procedure for registering a new subscriber on the network is lost.

Now subscriber registration assumes uniqueness and the possibility of identifying each client. The e sim technology does not meet these requirements, since a single number working for several operators at once raises more questions than answers.

I Hope, an e sim will spring to most people’s devices! An e-sim technology can be conditionally compared with virtual reality. Yes, there is already an assortment of advanced VR helmets on the market and a fairly large selection of games. However, virtual reality will not soon replace the usual mouse and keyboard.

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