Apex Legends now has more than 70 million players, EA plans to Focus on the Game

EA has announced the earnings for the second quarter during the 2020 fiscal year. One of the games that stood out the most was the Apex Legend. It is free to play a battle royal game that was released in February and already has more than 70 million players on its platform. Due to the success and popularity of the game, EA is planning to focus on the game and it will be one of the main games for the fiscal year 2021. The game will now get a lot of back up from the company as it is available for the mobile and other platforms. EA also shared information about their few upcoming projects of the year.

The report mentioned that the Apex Legend Game is one of the major games in the long term. As the team working on the project has also been increased to make the game more interesting for the users. Now the players will get more features and experience in the game in every new season. Apex Legend has become one of the most successful games as it has now more than 70 million players worldwide. There were certain signs regarding the success of the game as during the first week of the release the game crossed the mark for the 25 million players.

In the latest report is was confirmed by the EA, that Apex Legend will be coming to the mobile platform. The launch of Apex Legend on the mobile platform will be a big opportunity for the company to see a rise in revenue and player count. The company also has a strong belief that the game launch to the mobile platform will surely be a great addition and provide positive results for them.

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