Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Website Traffic

When we talk about the push notifications business strategy then they reserve the top spot in the list of main marketing ingredients. Because every business owner is utilizing the best marketing resources for grabbing the maximum attention from their audience for their brands. But only just knowing a marketing strategy would never be enough because you can’t achieve success until and unless you learn the appropriate implementation of that strategy. So here I am going to tell you today the five secret techniques of implementing these push notification strategies which will lead in improving your website traffic. Check it out below:

Optimize Push Notifications Delivery Frequency:

It has already been proved that when you send wordpress-woocommerce push notifications on your users devices then it often leads to more user engagements on your website. Apart from this, here you also need to recognize the approximate rate for sending these push notifications. Although there is no appropriate rate as such which has been described yet but if you keep sending any number of push notifications then it may irritate your users.

On an average rate, here we can assume that if you are new in your business and have just created your website then you can send near about two to three notifications on a daily basis. This will help you in promoting your product as well as will make your users to be friendly with your brand name. All these things will eventually improve your website traffic. Whersas on the other hand, more push notifications in a single day can annoy your users which make them choose opt-out for not receiving your push notifications further.

Carefully Preview Push Notification Content Before Hitting Send!

When you send push notifications to billions of users then it’s obvious that they will not be using the same browser or same kind of device. So the push notification that you have sent is going to appear differently on different screens. Here you need to ensure that the wordpress-Woocommerce Push Notifications which you are sending on your user’s devices should be giving a satisfactory viewing experience to your users.

So you need to carefully preview your push notification content to check whether there are any mistakes in copying the wordpress push notification text or the title of your woocommerce push notification is entirely visible and not cut off. Here, you can also perform a testing campaign for your push notification strategy to have a clear preview before actually hitting the send button for your users.

Employ Call-to-Action Strategy:

When you launch wordpress push notifications on users devices then you apparently strive to increase the traffic on your website. And you can certainly achieve this goal if you will plan your push notification strategy attentively. Here you may have already calculated your Click Through Rate (CTR) via push notifications. If not then you can do it now. The CTR will simply let you know the number of clicks you get on your webpage after launching the push notifications.

So, you need to plan your call-to-action strategy according to this manner. By clicking on the push notifications, your users may be landing on the homepage of your website then they can scroll up and down for checking your latest offers or your newly launched products. To make this process easier for your users, you can directly add appropriate links in your push notification message so that when they click on that link, they can directly land on the right page rather than scrolling the whole website up and down.

Implement Rich Media Components:

It is very difficult to catch the attention of your users from their busy schedules. So you need to make your wordpress-woocommerce push notifications as much attractive as you can.

Now for making your push notifications attractive, you can literally use images rather only using simple text or link messages. For adding an image in your push notifications, you can simply choose a brand logo image which will help your users in memorizing your brand name. Because an image lasts for more duration in your memory comparative to the simple written text.

Further you can also add emojis or short videos while sending the push notifications on your users devices. But as we said above, don’t forget to preview and recheck your push notification message before sending.

Make Your Content Crisp By Counting the Exact Number of Characters:

In this competitive world where every second of your viewer’s attention is marked as precious, there you can’t use the long content messages while you are using the wordpress-woocommerce push notifications. Because no one will bother about the detailed message even if it’s less than 100 words but more than 50.

Here you can’t even use more than 20 words because it will be too long for a push notification. This means you need to make sure that your push notification message should be short and crisp in terms which should state to the point.

If we talk about the ideal length of push notification message, then you can use maximum 20 to 25 characters for the title content and then approx 60 to 70 characters for the content body. This means overall 10 to 12 words would be enough and they would have the power to leave the right impact on your audience.


Here, we have talked about the five business secrets for increasing your website traffic via using these wordpress-woocommerce push notifications. So immediately utilize these five secrets for your business and enjoy the maximum engagements on your webpage and on your business page as well.

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