ARDI Express: High-level Freight Shipment for Your Business

The physical location of the seller does not play a big role due to modern e-commerce. He/she finds a manufacturer in China, orders products, pays for them, organizes delivery to the warehouses of a trading platform or an intermediary company, and starts trading. All this is performed remotely, without leaving the hometown. Trade relations between the USA and China do not stand still. The business is attracted by the low cost of products and the willingness of Chinese manufacturers to provide almost any volume in the shortest possible time. In addition, delivery from China is not only economically justified but also of high quality. The manufacturers have managed to dispel the stereotype about the “low quality” of Chinese goods in recent years while maintaining more than affordable prices for customers. Amazon freight forwarder ARDI Express will help you save on logistics. We specialize in commercial and non-commercial transportation and can deliver cargo from China without intermediaries.

The whole process will become much easier, as we control the collection of products from the sender, combine and prepare them for shipment at the warehouses in Guangzhou and other industrial regions and transport them to the USA. It doesn’t matter where your warehouse is located. We deliver anywhere in our country and all the cooperation peculiarities are discussed before the signing of the contract.

What do we convey from China?

We deliver raw materials, fabrics, components, electronics, high-risk cargo, and many others. Has the supplier already prepared the next batch of batteries or medicines? ARDI Express is ready to transport them with maximum responsibility for the safety and movement of your cargo. We arrange timely delivery from China, regardless of the type and quantity of goods transported. Moreover, our specialists will help you to collect branded goods directly and ensure their delivery to your warehouse in the USA. No markups or additional costs.

Why ARDI Express?

Delivery from China is always:

  • Simple. We take care of customs formalities, preparation of documents for cargo transportation, and organization of all logistics processes.
  • Cheap. We select the most profitable transportation option, taking into account the characteristics of your cargo and the location of suppliers (air, railway, or sea transportation). Consolidated transportation of cargoes is also possible.
  • Safely. Your cargo is in safe hands. We provide video-surveyed warehousing services in Guangzhou and pack the goods with a guarantee of their safety.
  • Fast. Our professionals carry out weekly shipments for all types of cargo transportation.
  • Transparent. You always know where and at what stage your cargo is.

Some items may be too heavy or large to be imported from China to the USA by air, so shipped by sea. In other cases it is better to deliver goods by air, for example, when the dimensions of the things are less than 1 m3 or the cargo is especially valuable.

Do holidays affect shipping time?

Chinese holidays may cause a delay in the delivery of goods, especially during the Chinese New Year. There are the main holidays in China in 2022, during which delivery delays are possible:

  • New Year – January 1 (celebrated from January 1 to 3).
  • Chinese New Year – February 1 (celebrated from January 31 to February 6).
  • Qingming Festival – April 5 (celebrated from April 3 to 5).
  • Labor Day – May 1 (celebrated from April 30 to May 2).
  • Dragon Boat Festival – June 3 (celebrated from June 3 to 5).
  • Mid-Autumn Festival – September 10 (celebrated from September 10 to 12).
  • National Day of China – October 1 (celebrated from October 1 to 7).

Another important event that is fraught with cargo delays is the hype in connection with the Christmas and winter holidays. Chinese factories start fulfilling New Year’s orders in June and some suppliers refuse customers by December.

What does ARDI Express offer?

  • Free consultation on the goods delivery from China to the USA.
  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary documents for the goods.
  • Cargo insurance at a low rate.
  • Compliance with all contractual agreements for intermediary services and delivery.
  • Assigning you a personal manager who speaks Chinese and English.

It is a mistake to assume that this is actually only air delivery from one airport to another. Usually, this is a complex service, which includes the delivery of goods from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the airport, air transportation to the USA, customs clearance, delivery to the marketplace warehouse or other warehouse, and so on. ARDI Express will become a reliable intermediary for entrepreneurs who seek to develop international business through their own online stores or large marketplaces. You will receive goods from China directly from the manufacturer without a significant investment of time and money.

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