Backlinks and SEO: How to Rank Your Site Higher in Google

In search engine optimization, among the most often used terms is “backlink” (SEO). And while many people think it’s the content on a site that will help it rank, it’s actually a wide number of factors… such as backlinks, content, quality of links, site authority and more.

As reported by Zutrix, it is often the case that bloggers who have just begun a blog fail to comprehend exactly the word “backlink” means. And by informing site owners of the real metrics and factors behind linking building and SEO, we can all see much improved traffic and rankings for our sites when implemented correctly.

If you plan to accept free search engine visits from Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, you must make sure that you have quality backlinks. By linking to Website A, you are setting up a backlink. When one website connects to another, search engines deem the website more likely to appear in search results.

How important is backlink performance for SEO?

Search engines, such as Google, have ranked websites based on links for a long time, which remains true today.

Search engines ultimately view each link to your website to indicate that their users are satisfied with your services.

However, if a site will cite you as a resource or redirect their visitors away from their site to one of yours, then you must provide something of value.

Consequently, the more links leading to your site, the more credible your site will appear.

Unfortunately, Google has not given information about how it evaluates its reputation or how credible the site is. However, there are various tools at your disposal that can be used to assess how trustworthy a site appears.

Some of these resources rely on domain authority. Domain authority is based on a site’s age, prominence, height, and trust-related indicators and is rated on a scale from 0 to 100. And if you were to take a moment and review any of the top SEO blogs on the internet today, you would find that most of them rank 60+.

Simply put, the more traffic your site receives, the more likely it is to rank highly in search engine results. Website Authority Checker gives you authority over your website’s contents.

SEO Benefits from Backlinks

Before discussing the benefits of backlinks, you should be aware that a lot has changed in the last few years concerning backlinks.

Since Google launched its Penguin algorithm, only high-quality links can drive a site’s ranking. This is how things used to be when any link could help a website’s ranking.

Quality backlinks from high-quality sites are important, and those links must be contextual. It wouldn’t matter if you had a site about fish and built links to other websites that discussed monkeys. The links would still be useless. You want to obtain links from company websites that are reputable and appropriate.

The Importance of Using a SERP Tracking Tool

Outside of knowing what, where, why and how your site is ranking in the search results, you also need to keep an active eye on any movements — and also that of competitor sites within your industry as well.

This obviously is something that you could never manually track, and would need to use a SERP tracking tool for the best results possible.

The benefits of using such tools, is that they can monitor all of your keywords, send alerts to your email and also notify you on any content and site optimization tips that could increase your chances for ranking higher.

With all of this in mind, the following key factors and reasons will help you understand why building backlinks to your website is important.

Fast Indexing in Less Time

Search engine crawlers follow backlinks from current web pages to find new web pages. Only once they’ve found the web would they be able to crawl it successfully.

If a set of backlinks does not back up your content, search engine bots would have trouble locating it. The accumulation of backlinks is especially beneficial for a new website because it supports its exploration and Indexing.

Traffic from Referrals

Referral traffic derived from backlinks is one of the main reasons why they are important. In effect, a person who reads a post can click on links to learn more about the topic under discussion.

The people who click on links willingly tend to be more targeted and less likely to leave the site quickly (aka low bounce rate). Referral traffic is typically targeted and has a low bounce rate.

Getting the Best SEO Results

A backlink is formed when one website links to another. Backlinks may also be referred to as “inbound links” or “incoming links.” Backlinks are important for SEO.

To summarize, while web pages are important for our businesses and visibility, the keywords and ranking determine whether we are relevant. And if you’d like to learn more about this process, you can do so here.

In order to effectively rank higher and continually improve your SEO results, your website must be relevant to the user’s search requirements if you want to maintain your market reputation. By following these tips and working methods, you should see an improve in search traffic and rankings to your site.

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