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Beard Oil Or Conditioner— The Difficult Choice For All Bearded Men!

Both products provide similar care, nourishing the hair and moisturising the skin, for a healthier beard! So which one is better to use? The beard oil for its moisturizing side or the beard conditioner for its styling ability?

Whether you have a short beard or a long beard, dry hair or stubborn hair, both are in fact so effective that the answer may be that there’s really no need to choose!

Beard oil

Beard oil is a rather simple product, usually made from 2 types of oil: organic oil and essential oil. The organic oil, which can be jojoba oil, grape seed oil, argan oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, etc., provides the main benefits, i.e. nourishes the beard and moisturises the skin underneath. The essential oil, on the other hand, brings mainly a perfume. 

Whether it’s woody, fruity, from plants or spices, it is the one that allows us to perfume and at the same time gives us that feeling of pride in wearing our beard!

Beard oil is a totally liquid product, which is not necessarily too greasy despite the ingredients used in its manufacture. It is often found in small bottles with a dropper. While this obviously makes it easier to apply, it also makes it easier to avoid wasting it: this pipette makes it very easy to put just a few drops in the palm of your hand!

The beard conditioner

The beard conditioner, one of the most popular men’s beard care products, is also made from a mixture of different organic and essential oils, which give it both interesting properties for the beard (protection, hydration, etc.) but also a light perfume. However, it contains another, a more unusual ingredient in its composition: wax (or butter). 

Whether it is beeswax, for example, or shea butter, this ingredient makes all the difference and makes the product unique. In fact, in addition to making the conditioner solid, this wax gives it another power: that of disciplining, styling and fixing the beard!

Beard oil and conditioner: adopt the right gestures!

The beard oil

The application of beard oil is really very simple! As before, it’s a liquid product, so you apply it as you would a moisturiser. It’s best to put it on in the morning and/or evening, just after showering, so that it is well absorbed and the beard hair gets the most out of it! Here are the steps:

  • Pour a few drops into the palm of your hand
  • Spread over both hands by rubbing them together
  • Apply to the beard
  • Rub it into the skin with your fingertips
  • Use your fingers or a beard brush to put the beard in place.

Generally, 2 to 4 drops are enough for short and medium-length beards, but if you see that your palms are very quickly dry as soon as you start applying the oil, don’t hesitate to add a few more drops! And above all, don’t forget your skin: applying oil to it is important because facial skin tends to dry out, and even more so when it is covered with a thick beard!

Dry skin is itchy skin. Dry skin is skin that can cause dandruff. And dry skin is skin that hinders beard growth. And we don’t want any of that!

Beard conditioner

Beard conditioner may be strong, but applying it is no more complicated than applying beard oil! It is also applied in the same way as a moisturiser, covering the entire beard from the roots to the ends of the hairs.

We recommend using it in the morning: if you’re going to style your beard and make it look good, you might as well let everyone enjoy it! Here are the steps to follow:

  • Take a dab of product with a fingernail.
  • Put this dab in the palm of your hand.
  • Warm up the conditioner by rubbing your hands together.
  • Once the texture has melted, apply it to the beard.
  • The conditioner is then rubbed into the skin with the tips of your fingers!
  • You can use your fingers or a beard brush to tidy up unruly hairs and style your beard.

Depending on the length of your beard, the size of the dab should be more or less important. As with the oil, you should be aware of the greasiness left on your hands: they should not dry out too quickly when you apply it. As for the texture of the conditioners, all brands are different.

Some opt for very solid conditioners, others have more melting textures, so the “heating” time depends on the product used. In any case, you must be careful not to leave small pieces of conditioner in your hand so that they don’t get stuck in your beard hair!

As beard conditioner is chosen above all for its disciplining and fixing power, it is aimed above all at men with a beard that is already well established, or that has rebellious tendencies! Even if the beard does not necessarily have to be long to take full advantage of the conditioner’s action, it is still best to wait until the first few weeks of growth are over before starting to use it.

Moreover, as with hair waxes, there are different types of fixation: some conditioners freeze the beard well while others leave it more flexible and light. So the choice will depend on your taste!

Both beard oil and beard conditioner deserve your love!

You love your beard, you want to pamper it, all the products are tempting and you can’t decide between beard oil and a beard conditioner? We understand you, and we’re here to reassure you: making a choice is not mandatory! Beard oil and beard conditioner can be used at the same time, and they are a must in your beard grooming kit.

One in the morning, the other in the evening!

To alternate between the two products, it is best to set up a rhythm of 2 treatments per day. After the morning shower, we prefer the beard conditioner, which will help us to set up our beard, to put back in line the small rebellious hairs and to carry a beautiful elegant beard all day long! And in the evening, we opt for the application of beard oil before going to bed. 

Since we don’t care about our appearance this time (when we wake up, our beard is bound to be a mess!), at least the skin and hair will have benefited from good hydration throughout the night. And that’s what will make our beard a little more beautiful and a little stronger every day!

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