Benefits of Handheld Mobile Computers in Apparel and Footwear Retail

The ever-advancing technological world has made its mark in what we call “smart” apparel and footwear stores as its boom intimidate the retail industry once again. The apparel and footwear retail have been fairly overwhelming to manage with innumerable constraints like lack of cashiers, time-consuming payment methods, inefficient inventory management, incompetent ERP systems, bothersome exchange, and return practices, ultimately posing the need for a solution like the handheld mobile computer making retail management efficient.

The Benefits of Handheld Mobile Computers in Apparel and Footwear Retail

 1. Boost Digital Transformation And Information Management

Managing functions in real-time and invoicing data are nearly impossible with the ERP system and its inability to grasp information in real-time. The handheld PDA manages data and information seamlessly, making such information incredibly easy to transform and utilize in terms of sales, order replenishment, and distribution.

 2. Get Timely And Accurate Market Information

In the apparel and footwear industry, it’s incredibly important for a store to keep revising and refining its marketing strategies from time to time. To make the most out of the final decisions of the marketeer, it’s essential to achieve quick and accurate market information with handheld mobile computers.

 3. Facilitate Service Quality

Good service quality directly improves customer experience, which is greatly responsible for boosting sales. As the handheld PDA professionally scans through products, it allows the clerk to check the quantity of the goods and place an order according to the given information when a client inquires about certain goods. This ensures restocking in advance to avoid running out of stock, boosting service quality.

 4. Streamline Product Scheduling And Logistics

The propitious handheld mobile computer allows scanning through all the goods a piece of cake, enabling efficient monitoring of logistics that ultimately aids exact clear-cut cargo scheduling on top of which distribution costs are prominently cut down.

 5. Timely Delivery Of Goods Information

Inventory updates are crucial to ensure that the apparel store does not run out of stock. The rugged mobile computer provides smart stores with information regarding goods in a swift manner, facilitating timely restocks without wasting any precious time.

The Best Handheld Mobile Computer For Retailers to Use in 2022

Apparel and footwear retailers save time by swiftly verifying thousands of items per hour, reducing overlapping blindspots, and reading high-density labels as well. Speaking of saving time, DT50U speed escalates when it identifies numerous tags simultaneously with its built-in 5dBi high-sensitivity RFID antenna and accurately reads RFID tags within 20 meters.

Accuracy and speed are two prime features of this device further promoted by the international professional barcode scanning module that has a high reading rate and millisecond-level response speed with high precision.

The DT50U is exceptionally efficient concerning scanning and reading labels as it improves inventory management. Inventory work like counting tends to lag due to battery problems. Employees can rest easy knowing their counting and scanning will remain uninterrupted.

Other than this, the DT50U is incredibly reliable because it’s completely dustproof, waterproof, and has a 1.2-meter anti-drop feature. Reliability and ease of use go hand in hand with each other. The ergonomic design of its handle prolongs its usage time as it prevents the employee from getting tired of working, which reduces manual errors in retail operations. Along with being easy to use and being a great time saver, the DT50U also supports remote control and saves labor costs to a great extent.


With the rise in the challenges posed by apparel and footwear retail, you can manage all your operations with handheld mobile computers like DT50U with its accurate and precise scanning, ergonomic design, and long battery life. For more information about UROVO products, click here:

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