Benefits of Self-Service Payroll Software

Managers often have so many tasks to juggle at once, even on top of running a business. This may even include some administrative work, like payroll.

Under traditional payroll methods, employees must consult their managers every time they want to see their payroll or update their schedule. This is time consuming and interrupts the manager’s work.

It does not have to be this way. By investing in self-service payroll software, information is available to both parties 24/7 and can be updated on the go.

Here are the reasons your business should invest today:

1. Convenience

The number one reason to invest in employee self-service payroll software is because of the convenience it will inevitably offer.

With it, employees have the ability to see their past paychecks and check their shifts without having to go to their supervisor. This saves time not only for the employee but also upper management.

Self-service payroll software also gives employees the ability to request time off even when they are not at work. Managers can then see the requests and choose to authorize them or not.

There is also the option for employees to put their shifts on a trading board for other employees to take. This way, employees don’t have to contact their boss every time they trade shifts, but management still remains in the loop.

2. Organization

Payroll software also tends to keep all information in one convenient place. In the past, employees had to bring their timecard into work, which they then had to physically punch in and out at the start and ends of their shifts.

With self-service payroll software, employees can log in and out of the software during their shifts. Their hours are calculated automatically, and managers can view the hours to check their correctness.

This saves management a lot of time and energy, but they also don’t have to worry about misplacing any documentation since everything is online.

3. Employee Satisfaction

One of the greatest advantages of a self-service payroll system is that it caters directly to employees’ needs and preferences.

As previously stated, employees can see their schedules, request time off and trade shifts from wherever they are. Employees no longer have to wait until they get to work or constantly badger their managers to do these.

If your business uses direct deposit, employees can update their bank account information through the software or choose multiple accounts to be paid through.

Employees can also view and print their own payroll information without needing a manager.

Conclusion: Investing in Self-Service Payroll Software Makes Sense

In conclusion, self-service payroll software is convenient for both the employee and manager.

Employees have the ability to clock in and out, check their schedule, request time off and check their payroll completely through the software. Similarly, management saves time by having hours worked being tracked automatically and not being contacted for shift changes and payroll questions.

Best of all, self-service payroll software is easy to use, organized and enables employees to have more control over their own payroll and scheduling. It’s time for your business to upgrade.

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