Best Essay Topics for Writing an Outstanding Essay

Finding an excellent essay topic is among the most stressful aspects of the essay writing process. How can you make an essay accurately reflect your life and personality? How can you tell whether a topic is going to justify your story?

Although the excellent subject of an essay is different from person to person, specific guidelines should be followed when choosing a topic. This article discusses the commonalities of a good college topic.

What makes an ideal essay topic?

In most cases,academic papers are intended to give lecturers a better understanding of who you are beyond your quantitative results. You have the opportunity to share your voice, personality, and story. A good essay topic should have the following:

1.  It should be original

Lecturers read several essays on the same subjects. These topics include sports injury, admiration, misfortune, or hard work in a challenging path. While a good essay on a popular subject can be written, it is much more challenging, and you will lose attention early on to the lecturer. Choose an essay topic that is 100% original and unique. Avoid copying what others have written – you can gather ideas from different sources and write them down in your words.

2. It should be deeply personal

It would be best if you are open when choosing the best essay topics. You don’t have to loosen your soul and tell deep secrets, but you should express your thoughts and emotions in your essay. Your audience should experience something with a good essay—whether it’s excitement, humiliation, panic, loss, trust, or determination.

Try to find a subject that goes beyond conventional archetypes to differentiate yourself. You may also take a cliche subject, but it can be further established. You should write about how you got hurt and use that moment to grow a new passion.

How to select the best topics for essay writing?

One of the critical aspects of writing a great essay or paper is selecting an essay subject. Many things are required to write essays, and if you choose the right topic, writing your paper will be easier. Scholarships and college applications, academic papers at secondary and middle school, university work, and jobs all require experimentation. Here are some tips for choosing an essay or study subject.

1.     Select a familiar topic

Choose something you already know about to write, rather than attempting to take on a massive project. It will simplify and speed up writing since you already have plenty of details in your head. This means less analysis, less effort, and the writing of the paper is quicker and easier.

2. Choose a topic based on interest

Your audience will tell if you are interested in your subject – in your writing, your excitement will prove successful. Try to find an angle that might make it attractive to you if you have no choices about the subject. You won’t score good grades or get a scholarship if your audience is stiffly bored by your article. Your lecturers can choose an essay that would otherwise be a little missing, simply because of its interest.

3. Narrow your topic down

You need to have an idea of what you want to write. Whatever your subject is, ask yourself if you can explore it. The subject may seem too much to complete when you look at 5, 10, or 20 blank pages. However, most of the subjects are far too large to do justice in just a few pages.

Almost always, your first idea would be too broad. Continue to refine until you can do it. for example, ‘Shakespeare Plays’ is not a topic you would like to deal with unless you write a book of 1,000 pages.’Comparing strong female characters in the comedies of Shakespeare’ may be a good subject.

4. Do research

If you have a vague idea about what you need to create an essay on, but you don’t know how to handle it, or you need to explain it, get books, and flip through them for new ideas. Look for the subject in the news or online. Check for photos, articles, research papers, journals,  just anything relevant to your subject line.

5. Brainstorm

Write down your ideas or a list of stuff you like. If your subject makes a great topic, start writing words that remind you of the subject or write the names of those people you admire.

Specify some of the potential topics. Open and flip through a dictionary, write exciting words or ideas. Write down everything in your head and continue to write until you have a nice long list. Take a brief break, then return to see if there are any suggestions. Get a new piece of paper and keep brainstorming the idea if you do something. If you have the energy to write, get down to work.

6. Your arguments should be idealistic

Make sure the subject covers multiple concepts and opinions when making a case. This extends the conversation and allows you to put your critical thoughts on the matter.

7. Seek assistance

Are you still finding it difficult to get a topic? See what other people wrote about the subject and Google the topic. Call for any advice or suggestions on selecting an essay topic from your instructor, relative, or a valued friend or mentor. Your college instructor will never turn down your request to give you some great ideas for choosing an essay topic.


You can easily select an essay subject if you consider your preferences, thoughts, and views. Pick a topic you are more comfortable handling. This helps you organize your thoughts so that you write an article that is well documented. It will also give you ideas on what you can write perfectly. Writing can be enjoyable if your topic excites you and inspires you to share your thoughts enthusiastically.

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