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Living in a clean environment is beneficial for our present and future. We may not realize but having a clean and clear drainage system in our homes, workstations are necessary for our day-to-day lives. But dirt and debris find their way into the drainage pipes, sewers no matter how much care you take for keeping the pipes, ducts in good working condition. There is the finest sewage cleaning conformité assainissement services available that take care of wastewater treatment and make your surroundings livable and healthier!

Sewage Water Treatment System

A sewage treatment system is a process where dirt and contaminants are removed from sewage water. Water from the kitchen, bathroom, sinks, and from other sites such as manufacturing units, hospitals, production houses, industrial plots contain a lot of contaminated elements. It includes viruses, Bacterias, solid waste, etc that are hugely responsible for the accumulation of dirt in pipes and sewage tanks.

The common ways to remove dirt from the sewage include using physical, chemical, and also biological methods or processes. With such mechanisms, you can get clean sewage water, sludge waste, biosolid waste that can be disposed of or used for further purposes.

Mostly the processed or reused sewage water is utilized for agriculture needs. Also, for fuel requirements, sludge can also be used.

Sewage Water Sanitation Process

Dirt and sewage can be removed from the areas such as sewage plants, pipes, septic tanks, drain fields. The drainage service conformité assainissement experts collect and transport the sewage and dirt through a series of pipes pumps to common or central treatment plants. It means the wastewater or domestic water from the homes or other places should be connected or interlinked to the common or municipal sewer. The blackwater released from homes needs to be directed towards or discharged to the common municipal sewage zone or network. Such interlinked sewage connections are necessary and need to follow certain prescribed rules.

In sewage treatment systems and conditions, the rear or exit point of a building or home should be higher compared to the first point of a public sewage connection network. Also, in the case of a public connection, it should be with a slope of 2% that can allow easy flow of blackwater.

Effective Sewerage Cleaning Facilities

Environmental engineers are mostly appointed to create efficient sewage work systems. These professionals are a pro at using natural as well as developed engineered mechanisms for providing the best sewage treatment solutions. Mostly chemical, physical, sludge treatment solutions are utilized for this purpose.

Once the dirt and other pollutants are removed from the sewage tanks you get clean sewage water, sludge, etc. The same is then apt for further discharge and can also be reused for various purposes. The treated water is then safe for release in the environment or nature. But when it comes to sludge, the same even after the sewage treatment can be seen having toxins, inorganic particles, or elements which are not suitable for reuse in many cases.

Different Stages of Sewage Waste Treatment

When it comes to conventional conformité assainissement sewage treatment, it often includes three stages. Prior to such treatment, the cleaning and removal of any cloth, waste fabrics, sanitary objects, etc are necessary.

Here’s an in-depth guide on three commonly used sewage treatment stages or solutions.

. Primary Sewage Wastewater Treatment

In this treatment, the blackwater is mostly kept inside a settling tank. In this process, the heavier waste, solid particles accumulate at the bottom whereas lightweight dirt, debris come up on the surface. After these dirt particles accumulate, the rest of the liquid or water is released and carried out further for a more advanced or a second round of the sewage treatment plan.

Such sewage tanks have mechanical scrapers attached inside which helps collect sludge and drives it toward sludge waste treatment location.

. Secondary Sewage Wastewater Treatment

This is an advanced stage of primary sewage treatment and works towards degrading chemical, biological dirt, and particles in the wastewater. It uses the anaerobic biological system for the same. If the wastewater is required for secondary sewage treatment, then after the procedure, the water is mostly safe for release in the surroundings, local environment.

The process includes the following three ways:

  • Biofiltration – In this process, mostly sand, trickling, contact filters are used to check extra dirt, sediment is separated from the blackwater.
  • Aeration – This process requires providing air to the blackwater. It needs an increased level of oxygen saturation. The process is a bit lengthy and goes as far as 30 working hours. The result is mostly very effective.
  • Oxidation ponds – This process is generally incorporated in a warm atmosphere and uses natural water sources like lagoons. It allows blackwater to pass through for a prescribed time period before retaining it back for around 3 weeks.
  • Tertiary Sewage wastewater treatment

In this process, pathogens are removed from the wastewater. The result is safe and clear water that can be utilized for drinking, consumption, etc. This treatment ensures a quality water process as per domestic, production, industrial standards.

Advanced Sewage Wastewater Treatment

In some cases, expert sewage treatment conformité assainissement services advise for an advanced type of cleaning solution called quaternary wastewater treatment. It includes an expert filtration system, oxidation. It works towards tackling various types of dirt, pollutants. Once the process is complete, the clean water is safe to release in nature, surroundings.

Note that, the above-mentioned different stages of sewage water treatment are advised by the professionals and sewage cleaning experts depending upon the water quality and the usage of the same.

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