Cable vs Streaming – Which Is Better for Watching Sports?

Sports fans are asking the age old question, ‘which is better, cable or streaming?’

It seems natural to think that digital streaming is the evolution of cable, and that cord-cutting is the future. However, there’s the argument of local channels, broadcasts and content typically found in a cable subscription.

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A cable subscription will have a plethora of sports-based channels, including ESPN, FOX, CBS and others. Turn on the TV and something will be always on, whether live games, replays or commentaries.

Plus, you’ll be able to record live games and watch them later with DVR. Watching online is offered via the official cable website. Content is generally well-rounded and you get a wide variety of sports to choose from.

Cable subscriptions are more expensive than streaming services, and they have commercials, which can be annoying if you’re used to watching an entire movie or TV show without interruptions.


Since the advent of Netflix streaming has become the go-to for content consumption. You could watch the latest TV shows and movies or experience the classics in just one platform.

For sports enthusiasts the regular channels won’t be good enough. Thankfully, most major sports leagues offer their own streaming services- NBA has NBA TV, ESPN and HBO Now have them, and so on. Once your signed up, all you need is to log in and choose the game you want to see.

The costs of subscribing per streaming service is less but it can add up over time. However, you can try free options such as 메이저놀이터 which offer NBA, EPL and MLB for free. Quality is excellent and you get streaming from the biggest sports broadcasting company in South Korea.

When going with the streaming service it’s worthy to note that you should have a good internet connection and can handle the demands of HD playback.

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