Components and Functions of Insulated Glass

Due to global warming, you will notice that some areas experience extreme heat, and such conditions can become difficult to dwell in. However, science continues to wow us with the different innovations available to make our life more comfortable. Insulating glass is the number one solution for those living in such climates. Insulated glass is basically made to prevent a significant amount of heat from entering a building. In addition to air conditioning, insulated glass provides a long-lasting solution to the problem.

How is Insulated Glass Made

Insulated glass is made by multiple glass frames being separated by gas in between, and then they are sealed at the edges. This is done in order to limit heat transfer. This multiple layers of glass also make the glass strong and able to withstand any form of damage it might be subjected to. Insulated glass consists of different components that enable it to achieve its intended purpose. These components include;

  • Spacer: The spacer is what determines the space between the different window panes. The main purpose of the spacer is to ensure that there is uniformity of the gaps. It is usually made of aluminum or thermoplastic material.
  • Desiccant: The main purpose of the desiccant is air drying. Drying the air between two window panes prevents humidity, therefore, allowing translucency of the glass. The translucent glass allows for maximum visibility but still allows light in. In order to achieve the best desiccant, you have to determine what type of zeolite is used in oxygen concentrators. These zeolites are the best desiccants used for glass insulation.
  • Cavity: This is the actual air-filled space between the two glass panes. It is important to ensure that the air in this cavity is dry to prevent humidity.
  • Sealant: A sealant is important to make sure that the air in the cavity does not escape. The most common type of sealant used is butyl since it also blocks air from the atmosphere from entering the cavity and also locks moisture out. This prevents the glass from appearing foggy and ensures the strength of the glass.

Types of Insulated Glass Units

There are different types of insulated glass in the market today. The type of glass you buy is determined by where you live and the kind of properties you are looking for. Different insulated glass panes also achieve different purposes so you have to be aware of these facts before settling on a certain type. 

  • Dual-Seal Silicon Glass Unit: As the name suggests, the sealant used in this glass unit is silicon. A silicone sealant is one of the strongest and most resilient sealants. These insulated glass units are therefore very strong and are mostly used in commercial buildings.
  • Argon-Filled Glass Unit: This is the most common insulated glass unit as argon gas is highly affordable. Argon gas is preferred over other types of gas because it is non-toxic and does not corrode the window frames. In addition to minimizing heat transfer, these insulated glass units also help in noise control. This, together with other sound-proofing techniques, can keep your home free from any type of noise.
  • Low-Emissivity Glass Unit: This insulated glass unit has an additional coating that is done by applying layers of tiny metal oxides. These insulated glass units, when combined with custom-made LED lights, can make a building very beautiful and appealing to the eyes.

Why Use Insulated Glass

We have established that the main purpose of insulated glass is to minimize heat transfer into a building. However, there are other important reasons as to why you should invest in insulated glass for your home or office building.

  • Noise reduction: Apart from shielding you against high heat, insulated glass also soundproofs your home. The thickness of an insulated glass unit minimizes the amount of noise that passes through to your home.
  • Enhance Safety: Due to the fact that an insulated glass unit consists of more than one glass pane, it is very strong and difficult to tamper with. This will prevent burglars from breaking into your home, therefore, keeping you safe.
  • Cost-effective: An insulated glass unit is a one-time solution for a long-term problem. There are other ways you can cool the temperatures in your home, such as the use of air conditioners, but these are very expensive energy consuming methods that will drain your finances.
  • Enhances your comfort: Apart from reducing heat transfer during extremely hot climates, insulated glass units will also retain heat for you during cold seasons. Your comfort is a priority throughout the year when you have an insulated glass unit in your home.
  • Reduce Carbon footprint: By installing insulated glass units, you reduce the amount of energy you use for heat retention and heat insulation measures. You can also conserve energy by the use of renewable energy fromhome solar power systems for your home.


We are at a time when everyone should make an effort to conserve the environment and make sure that they reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. The use of electricity and other power sources for such things as heat control should be a thing of the past. Insulated glass units will serve the purpose better while also ensuring that we do not kill our planet. They are cost-effective  and serve you in climates.

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